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Complete your organization’s digital transformation initiative with virtualization solutions from Technical Framework.

Virtualization Technology for Improved Operational Efficiency

Virtualization technology enables your company to expand its IT infrastructure in a much less expensive way than in the past. Virtual servers and workstations enable your organization to deploy multiple operating environments on a single bare-metal host machine. When you need to provision a new application, file, print, or database server, you can quickly set up and configure the necessary environment without purchasing additional hardware.

Virtual Servers

Virtualization allows your organization to configure a virtual server with support for any operating system (OS) you require. The server emulates the same services as a physical box, while the virtualization management interface allows control and allocation of resources each server will consume. By effectively controlling your resources, you’ll reduce the company’s IT infrastructure costs and utilize your hardware investments more effectively.

With a team of virtualization experts, Technical Framework can help your organization completely transform your IT infrastructure operating model. Technical Framework will assist you with the configuration of the virtual servers, workstations, networks, and management of the entire environment.

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Virtual Workstations

Deploying virtual workstations instead of physical hosts will help your company maintain consistent configurations for end-users. As an ancillary benefit, workstation virtualization enables your organization to run legacy applications safely and securely in what’s commonly referred to as a “sandbox” or isolated environment.  This is accomplished by configuring the virtual workstation operating system to run without connections to the main network, thereby minimizing the chance that the company will be compromised. Virtualization allows the creation of additional workstations in just minutes by cloning a base configuration.

Technical Framework provides comprehensive virtualization services and solutions that help companies streamline IT operations. For companies looking to migrate existing infrastructure into an efficient virtualized ecosystem, Technical Framework can help reduce overhead while maintaining a reliable and secure IT system.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Since its release in 2008, Microsoft Hyper-V has enabled companies to deploy and manage virtual operating systems to improve IT operations and reduce overhead. The hypervisor, a software component that facilitates running multiple operating systems on one bare-metal machine, allows you to manage, deploy, update, and administer all your virtual machines from a single console. Microsoft Hyper-V supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures for most of Windows’ current and legacy OS environments. You can opt to set up Microsoft Hyper-V with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or use a command-line deployment using Windows PowerShell.

For effective deployment of Microsoft Hyper-V, Technical Framework works with your company to plan, configure, and deploy your virtualized landscape. Technical Framework’s virtualization experts will ensure the efficient utilization of your existing hardware resources for reduced IT overhead and improved administrative productivity.

Virtual Networks

Hyper-V enables organizations to connect virtual machines to external networks. Virtual networks run on software-based layer-2 Ethernet switches allowing you to connect securely to both internal virtual networks like an intranet or the internet.

To add a layer of protection to your organization’s networks using Hyper-V, Technical Framework can help you segment your company’s network for improved security. Virtual networks also enable you to manage your hardware more effectively, automate many of the administration features, and shape the information flow according to task priorities.

If you need access to virtualization experts and a team of dedicated professionals, reach out to one of Technical Framework’s friendly consultants today.

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