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Technical Framework is a team of seasoned information technology professionals servicing Denver, Northern Colorado, and Southern Wyoming.

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Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Agent
  • Our purchasing agent is trained to efficiently locate products with correct specifications and optimal pricing. Our quotation process is seamless and allows you to select options, change quantities, and e-sign for approval on the fly using your PC’s web browser or mobile device.
  • Upon arrival, custody of the equipment is transferred to our service coordinator, who facilitates delivery and installation on your premises.
Service Coordinator
Service Coordinator
  • Our service coordinator ensures that helpdesk requests and projects remain on track using our logistics management system. Every client request receives a ticket number and is routed to an appropriate specialist based on the technology platform and geographic location.
  • The service coordinator works with technicians to resolve any resource limitations they may encounter in the course of resolving a ticket and follows up with clients post-resolution.
IT Technicians
IT Technicians
  • Our IT Technicians handle the bulk of technical requests ranging from brief helpdesk tasks to ongoing support projects in the areas of individual computers, networks, cloud services, apps, and security. They are skilled in the art of customer service but able to handle complex, mission-critical IT solutions for clients across Northern Colorado and the North Denver Metro.
  • Depending on the issue, support is rendered onsite, by phone, or via remote screen sharing. The solution and notes about the task are linked with the ticket in our client management system.
Senior IT Engineers
Senior IT Engineers
  • As our most experienced technical staff members, Senior IT Engineers have expert knowledge of IT and cybersecurity systems. They serve as architects of complex cloud and on-premises solutions while innovating new ways to handle the emerging needs of various industry verticals.
  • Senior Engineers also serve to mentor less experienced staff members and as escalation points for problems that require the highest level of IT acumen.

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