Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention is a strategy that is used to make sure end users don’t send sensitive or critical information outside of a...
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently announced Microsoft Teams, a new chat based workspace in Office 365. Microsoft Teams aims to bring together people,...
Voice Search

Voice Search – The future of SEO

In the world of digital marketing, every entrepreneur should appreciate the importance of a strong SEO strategy. Search engines like Google...
Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019

In late April 2018, Microsoft officially started previewing the upcoming Office 2019 package, allowing business users to gain a sneak peek...
Laptop Anti-theft

Laptop Anti-theft Takes a Leap Forward

Our laptops are among the most precious devices in our lives and can play a huge part in our daily activities in both business and leisure....
Smart Home Technology

What’s Coming in Smart Home Technology

Home-based technology has evolved at a rapid rate over the past couple of decades, and there is no denying that the concept of a smart home...
Microsoft Office Business 2016

Office Business Premium 2016

Here’s all you need to know about the most recent edition of the Business Premium suite. The Basics Of MS Office Business Premium...
Wireless Conference Rooms

Wireless Conference Rooms

Great communication sits at the heart of all successful businesses, and every modern company should be blessed with several meeting spaces....
Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Updates: Colossus and the Phantom Menac

In the world of SEO, or website ownership in general, it pays to be clued into when Google is doing something new with their search...
Online Security

Keep Your Online Presence Secure

All website owners need to work hard to ensure they keep their online presence as secure as possible. We live in dangerous times, and there...
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