Mac Malware

A New Surge in Mac Malware: Malwarebytes Warns Mac Users

It’s a common misconception that Macs are immune to malware. If you’re using a Mac, the truth is you are still vulnerable to certain...
Kristina Svechinskaya Cyber Robber

Kristina Svechinskaya: World’s Most Notorious Cyber Ba

Arguably still one of the world’s most notorious cyber bank robbers, Kristina Svechinskaya was born in Russia on 16 February 1989. The...
Mobile Security

Getting the Most Out of Mobile Security

Smartphones fulfill many roles – notepad, camera, mobile encyclopedia, carrier pigeon, and more. With so much personal, private data...
SIM Jacking

SIM Jacking: The SIM Swap Scam That Exposes Your Account

As Joseph Heller famously wrote, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s not out to get you. In today’s...

Want to Keep Your Personal Data Private Online? – Here

You would never give anyone permission to put your personal information on display. So why does your data end up everywhere online?...
Samsung DeX

Use Your Samsung Phone as a PC!

Until Samsung released a mature version of its Dex (Desktop Experience) product 3 to 4 years ago, using your handheld as both a smartphone...
Stolen Mobile Devices

The Threat of Stolen Mobile Devices

How would you deal with a lost or stolen company mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Do you have a way to track...
Cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance: Are you covered?

A study by Verizon in 2019 indicated that 43% of all successful breaches of information networks directly targeted small businesses. The...
apple bug bounty

Is Apple’s Bug Bounty Program Making You More or Less

Companies that develop software and apps typically have some sort of quality assurance process in place where their product updates are...

Ransomware Created by NSA Causing Havoc Throughout the W

When it comes to computer security, one would think that the National Security Agency (NSA) has the most secure infrastructure than any...
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