Cybersecurity Tips Working Home

5 Cybersecurity Tips for Employees Working from Home

Working from home is becoming extremely popular but comes with challenges for employers who have little to no control over the equipment...
Hackers for hire

Hackers For Hire: Now, Anyone Can Be a Cybercriminal

Once upon a time, cybercrime was the work of a few geniuses symbolized by a hooded silhouette and glamorized as vigilantes in dramas like...
Ransomware backup

Backup Measures for Protection Against Ransomware

Overview In a hacking attack against the gasoline pipeline owned by Colonial, on May 7, 2021, ransomware was the culprit--a type of...
Government hacking private server

The Government Can Now Hack Private Servers

An Executive Order issued May 12, 2021, could be the first step in implementing federal cybersecurity requirements for private industry....
7 steps defend against ransomware

7 Steps To Defend Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are a significant threat to any business which stores electronic data. The FBI reported 2,500 incidents of...
Servers room

What is critical infrastructure and how should it be pro

The U.S. government considers industrial control systems critical infrastructure, and many industries are now part of this designation....

Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the computer's files, preventing users from accessing them. It then demands payment in...
Tech Giants

Tech Giants Don’t Make Themselves

A few years ago, at a holiday dinner, a good friend asked my opinion on how much time will pass before our reliance on technology renders...
Employee personal device usage BYOD

Employee Personal Device Usage BYOD in the Workplace

Considerations for Implementation of BYOD Policies If your organization's employees are permitted to connect personal smartphones or...
How google shapes our reality

How Google Shapes Our Reality​

Sometimes, it's just about having the right answer. ​​A couple of weeks ago, I was trolling the web, seeking out news and other things...
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