COVID-19 Computer Malpractice

Covid-19 Counts Plagued by Computer Malpractice

It's no secret that information technology and medicine have become inseparable. Hardware, software, and data must not only work in unison...
How to Select a New Personal Computer 1

How to Select a New Personal Computer

With the tremendous growth in video conferencing, online education, gaming, online video streaming, and people working from home due to...
Bad wifi

Life’s Too Short To Tolerate Bad WIFI

I'm sure we agree that working from home with a weak WIFI signal is dreadful. If you're like most people, you have a WIFI router in your...
Scan docs without scanner

Scanning Docs Without a Scanner

If you're in an industry that processes a lot of paper documents and do not have a scanner at home, you may be suffering from "scanner...
Computer theft

What To Do About Computer Theft

The emergence from quarantine, coupled with economic hardship, is likely to place your laptop in a thief’s crosshairs. The value of the...
Data privacy

Managing Google Data Privacy Controls

It’s no secret that Google monitors much of what users do online. Monitoring ranges from tracking location data, web browsing history,...
Contactless services

Providing Contactless Services: What We’ve Learned and

Most of us were off-guard when our region underwent lockdown due to COVID-19. In the next several newsletters, I’ll offer...
Clean Phone

How to Clean Your Smartphone the Right Way

As the Coronavirus continues to infect thousands around the world, health experts are recommending that people wash their hands regularly...
home invasion

Are You at Risk of a Digital Home Invasion?

Consumers who install smart home devices such as baby monitors, Ring doorbells or surveillance systems are increasingly falling prey to...
Mac Malware

A New Surge in Mac Malware: Malwarebytes Warns Mac Users

It’s a common misconception that Macs are immune to malware. If you’re using a Mac, the truth is you are still vulnerable to certain...
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