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  1. Award-winning case management system
    Our case management system tracks tickets from inception to closure, with documentation along the way for a 360-degree picture of events surrounding any issue.
  2. Ability to support remote sites
    Our systems and procedures are geared toward remote technical support with clients in several states and all four USA time zones.
  3. Easy billing and payment
    Our invoices come via email with detailed timesheets and task breakdowns, so you can easily see which technician worked on which issue for how long. We include a secure payment link in the email message so you can quickly pay online via credit card or ACH.
  4. Web Design
    We have a web design and development division, so we are indeed a one-stop shop. Get a free detailed health and SEO analysis of your website when you sign up for IT services! Check it out at https://techframework.com/web-design-security-services/.
  5. Complimentary Annual Cybersecurity Scan
    You’ll receive one annual vulnerability scan of your network at no charge with a comprehensive report of areas that need attention.
  6. Hardware-As-A-Service (HAAS)
    We offer HAAS in the area of firewalls and switches, so you never have to worry about hardware purchase costs, upgrading, obsolescence, monthly subscription fees to third-party vendors, or warranties. Our HAAS plans take care of everything for you.
  1. Remote Workforce Solution
    Our remote workforce solution allows secure access to an end-user’s office PC from home and other remote locations without using a VPN.
  1. Technical Framework is an Information Technology Success Provider
    Technology may run your business, but you’re not in the business of running technology. Components of our success strategy:

    • Continuous assessment of your business technology against hundreds of standards and best practices
    • Quarterly reviews to align IT with your business
    • Identification and alleviation of productivity bottlenecks
    • Assessment and reduction of cyber risk using our industry’s most proven tools and techniques
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