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Technical Framework is a leading IT Support and Cybersecurity services company with locations in Fort Collins and Greeley, Colorado, serving the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming region. We're passionate about our offering of proactive managed services, helpdesk services, cloud computing, and website creation. We pride ourselves on transparency and our ability to help Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming companies, home offices, and individuals succeed through secure, productivity-enhancing IT systems.
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Managed IT Support and CyberSecurity Services

Technical Framework is passionate about offering Managed IT Support Services, Cloud Services, & Cybersecurity Services, along with a leading IT Helpdesk solution for your organization.

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IT Helpdesk
Do you find your IT help desk issues too complicated or time-consuming for your organization to solve in-house?

Technical Framework provides IT Helpdesk support services customized specifically for your organization.

If a Greeley or Fort Collins IT support issue arises, you can email our intake mailbox or call us to speak with our service coordinator, who will promptly route your request to the first available support specialist. Our support team will troubleshoot your IT issue remotely or schedule an onsite visit to your organization if necessary. All Greeley and Fort Collins IT services requests are logged and archived in the Technical Framework ticketing system, which serves as your IT knowledge base.

Don’t go it alone on IT and cybersecurity services! Let Technical Framework provide the peace of mind you and your company deserve when it comes to protecting your data.

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Cloud Services
Have you considered increasing organizational productivity and cybersecurity by moving specific on-premises data and applications to the cloud?

Many organizations are migrating their digital assets to the cloud. In contrast, other companies use a mix of on-premises and cloud resources, also known as a hybrid environment. Our Greeley and Fort Collins IT support can help configure and deploy public, private, and hybrid cloud computing resources and IT infrastructure.

Experts in Microsoft Azure and cybersecurity services, Technical Framework provides scalable, cost-effective storage, application, and Greeley and Fort Collins IT services in the cloud, including Exchange Online and SharePoint online.

Let Technical Framework implement secure, compliant cloud services to reduce your organization’s storage, application, and IT costs today.

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IT Support Services
Are you tired of fighting IT fires due to a lack of proactive IT management or monitoring?

Technical Framework offers proactive managed services to prevent problems before they happen, whether they involve IT support or cybersecurity services. Choose from co-managed solutions with our team working alongside your IT staff or fully outsourcing your Greeley and Fort Collins IT services needs to Technical Framework.

We combine deep industry knowledge with the practical, hands-on know-how organizations need to remain stable and productive. Technical Framework can seamlessly manage your network, from PCs, Macs, and tablets to servers on-premises or in the cloud.

Let Technical Framework help you determine the most effectively managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT support strategy and cybersecurity solutions. Contact us today!

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Cybersecurity Services
Are you concerned about meeting privacy and network security compliance requirements?
Regulations, particularly those related to data privacy and security, are becoming increasingly complex.

If your organization’s infrastructure is inadequate and your compliance programs and policies are weak or non-existent, your business is at an increased risk of fines or shutdown.

Our Greeley and Fort Collins cybersecurity services audit support can help you identify and manage security and privacy risks. With a comprehensive cybersecurity services IT audit and compliance strategy, your organization can reduce IT risks while increasing trust.

Let Technical Framework’s cybersecurity services help implement and manage your IT audit and compliance needs. Contact us today!

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Business and Personal IT Services

IT Support, IT Services and Cybersecurity for
Business, Personal, and Home-office

Due mainly to the proliferation of mobile information technology and the recent pandemic, corporate “location” has been redefined. Today’s corporate office is a hybrid of one or more traditional branch offices and multiple home offices.

In response, Technical Framework has adapted its Greeley and Fort Collins IT support and cybersecurity services by crafting secure, affordable solutions for home offices and individuals. No organization is secure unless its individuals are secure.

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We’re passionate about Greeley and Fort Collins IT support and cybersecurity services for small- and mid-sized businesses in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We serve various industries within the scope of Greeley and Fort Collins IT services.


Work-from-home cybersecurity services are a top priority with respect to our Greeley and Fort Collins IT services and support. We encourage home-office users to leverage WIFI, gateway security, anti-malware, and patching best practices.

Personal Digital Security

Organizations can be secure only if all of their members are secured. Any weak link can bring down the entire organization. This is why our Greeley and Fort Collins IT services include personal cybersecurity services.

How Managed IT Services Can
Improve These Areas of Your Business

Outsourcing IT support is an excellent choice for many small to mid-size companies. Using Greeley and Fort Collins IT support professionals can improve your business in various ways, as you don’t have to worry about the costs and stress of managing an in-house IT department. Learning more about how managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT services can benefit your business is essential if you are still undecided about this partnership.

Here are a few of the main ways outsourcing IT support can improve various aspects of your business:

Improvement of Your Bottom Line
One of the biggest reasons to consider outsourced IT services is that they can save your company a significant amount of money. Managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT services will cost you a pre-budgeted amount each month, and you won’t have to worry about the extra costs of hiring and training in-house IT employees. Your employees can also use the latest software applications in the cloud without investing in costly infrastructure. Over time, these cost savings can play a crucial role in boosting your bottom line.

Maximize Uptime
Another benefit of outsourcing your Greeley and Fort Collins IT support needs is that it helps to keep downtime to a minimum. For example, an employee may struggle to fix a malfunctioning computer, while outsourced IT professionals can offer almost immediate tech support. Managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT services will also ensure your network is operating at an optimal level. On the other hand, not having a Greeley and Fort Collins IT support team can lead to hours of downtime, costing your business money and creating a much less productive work environment.

Boost IT Security
Many small businesses make the costly mistake of not spending enough time focusing on cybersecurity. A lack of IT security awareness dramatically increases the chance of your business becoming the victim of a ransomware or phishing attack. Working with a Greeley and Fort Collins IT services provider is a great way to limit cybersecurity incidents, as they can educate your entire team on an ongoing basis on how to avoid common mistakes. A managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT support provider can also conduct IT security assessments to identify any weaknesses within your company.

Meet Compliance Requirements
Many companies need to stay in compliance with various rules within their industry. These regulations often involve handling confidential information to avoid data breaches. A Greeley and Fort Collins IT services provider will work with your team to help you meet and exceed these requirements to give you the best protection. Meeting the guidelines will boost your business’s cybersecurity while safeguarding your reputation with clients.

Closing Thoughts
Boosting your bottom line, improving IT security, and lessening downtime are just a few of the many different benefits of outsourcing your tech needs in the workplace. Choosing an IT partner who offers managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT support can help elevate your business in various ways. These managed Greeley and Fort Collins IT services will also ensure you comply with regulations involving your industry. Cybersecurity challenges will only continue to rise, which is why working with a Greeley and Fort Collins IT support provider is an excellent investment for small business owners.

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IT support for a wide array of industries

We offer cybersecurity solutions and
IT services to a wide array of industries

Construction IT Services

Construction IT services entail proactive maintenance for stability and productivity for CAD, estimating, documents, and mechanical systems controls. Greeley and Fort Collins IT support for the construction industry should bear in mind that mobile trailers must have solid Internet connectivity.

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Real Estate IT Services

Greeley and Fort Collins IT support for real estate agents and brokerages must focus on email (phishing) and financial cybersecurity services. The amount of money transacted via ACH renders real estate an attractive target for hackers. The hacker aims to intercept funds by redirecting funds to a rogue payee.

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Accounting IT Services

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and bookkeeping companies are attractive to hackers because they store valuable financial and personally identifiable data. Greeley and Fort Collins cybersecurity services for this sector must include copious vulnerability management, password, and network security.

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Veterinary IT Services

Greeley and Fort Collins IT services for veterinary clinics must focus on keeping the patient database running and available to all users and ensuring that health devices such as lab equipment and x-ray machines are operable. Cybersecurity services must focus on the prevention of, and recovery from ransomware.

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Benefits of outsourcing your IT support
and Cybersecurity needs

Keeping the IT infrastructure of your business efficient can often be a challenge if you are trying to do it all on your own. Outsourcing your Greeley and Fort Collins IT support can help increase the productivity levels of your employees while also boosting cybersecurity. Greeley and Fort Collins IT support professionals can actively manage your network, assess vulnerabilities, perform first- and third-party patch management, manage next-generation anti-malware on endpoints, and monitor security appliances such as managed switches and firewalls.

Here are a few main reasons you should outsource your IT needs to a cybersecurity managed services provider.

1) Outdated Technology
Technology in the workplace can quickly become outdated before you even realize it. Cybersecurity services issues aside, outdated tech can make it difficult for your employees to perform even basic tasks. A Greeley and Fort Collins IT services provider can give your company access to state-of-the-art tech and even guide your team on using this technology.

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Benefits of outsourcing your IT support
2) Lack of Compliance
Many businesses must stay in compliance with strict laws regarding data security. Failure to remain in compliance can often result in expensive fines. These violations can also damage your reputation and cause you to lose the trust of your customers. Working with a Greeley and Fort Collins IT services provider can help you comply with the rules in your industry.

3) Excessive IT Costs
Another reason to consider a managed IT services provider is if you struggle to stay within your IT budget. Businesses with an in-house IT team often spend more money due to the costs of training employees on cybersecurity services while also paying for the salaries and benefits. Managing IT infrastructure can also be costly, especially if you are ever dealing with downtime. Outsourcing your IT needs can help you significantly reduce these costs for your business.

4) Cybersecurity Solutions
Cyber attacks can impact your company in various ways, if not obliterate it. Keeping your business protected against these evolving threats can be tricky. A managed cybersecurity services provider can be crucial in boosting your cybersecurity operations. Network monitoring, IT audits, patch management, and employee security training classes are a few ways a managed services provider can give you much greater protection.

5) Difficulty in Training IT Staff Members
IT staff must stay up-to-date with the latest technology to efficiently manage your system. Unfortunately, providing your team with the necessary resources to succeed in today’s ever-changing business landscape can take time and effort. Deciding to outsource your Greeley and Fort Collins cybersecurity needs can help you decrease these costs while saving time.

6) Launching a New Product
Sometimes a business will need to launch a brand new product or services that involves the IT team. However, trying to do this with your in-house cybersecurity solution team can be a big undertaking that consumes excessive resources. Using a Greeley and Fort Collins cybersecurity solution provider to launch a new project can make this process much smoother and less stressful.

7) The Need for Innovation
A lack of innovation can derail even the most successful companies. Working with a managed cybersecurity solutions provider can help generate new ideas for your business to give you an edge over competitors. These security professionals can discuss new ideas or find innovative solutions to resolve problems to help your team remain more productive and improve your bottom line.

Closing Thoughts
Outsourcing your Greeley and Fort Collins IT support can benefit small and mid-sized businesses. Increasing cybersecurity solutions, improving efficiency, sparking innovation, peace of mind, and saving money are just a few reasons you should consider an IT services provider. Ultimately, staying successful in today’s business environment can be a significant challenge, as working with a Greeley and Fort Collins cybersecurity solution provider is an excellent investment for business owners. Remember, we bring the added dimension of website creation services that sets us apart from the pack. Our website creation services consist of starter sites as well as eCommerce portals. Contact Technical Framework today to see how our services can complement your existing team.

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