Network Design

Network Design

Ensure your company can grow and scale effortlessly with robust network solutions from Technical Framework.

Comprehensive Network Design and Implementation Services

Networks are the backbone of modern offices. If your company regularly faces bottlenecks or extended downtimes, your staff and business will suffer. For a comprehensive network solution that includes the servers, switches, routers, cables, and software systems, Technical Framework has a team of network engineers at your service.

Network Design

Your network infrastructure design determines whether your business processes will run smoothly. The layout and mapping of the devices, routing of cables, IP address configuration, and security architecture, all form the foundation of your network.

Technical Framework will assist with hardware selection, device placement, and cable routing as part of the design service. For a network infrastructure design that can scale with your business and continues to run reliably into the future, Technical Framework provides a comprehensive network design service.

Network Planning and Implementation

Implementing a new network or upgrading an existing one relies on the precise execution of the design. The planning stage seeks to limit disruptions in the company using a phased approach throughout the implementation stage.

During the implementation phase, Technical Framework will help you coordinate with employees, department heads, and outside vendors. Clear communication regarding the scope of each implementation stage will keep everyone informed and help staff to limit the impact of the expected downtimes.

Network Monitoring and Optimization

Once the new network is live, you’ll need to monitor and optimize configurations on computers, printers, and other networked devices. Network engineers should be on standby to resolve any unforeseen issues quickly and efficiently.

Technical Framework’s network engineers will assist your IT staff to trace issues, resolve bottlenecks, and streamline the administration processes beyond implementation.

Network Security and Threat Detection

To keep networks secure you’ll require firewalls, remote access protection such as VPN, and advanced threat detection systems. From behavioral analysis tools to automated threat incident response systems, network maintenance relies on dedicated professionals well versed in the latest exploits and vulnerabilities.

To maintain your network’s security, Technical Framework’s engineers will configure and deploy the latest threat detection and prevention solutions over multiple layers of your network. For your peace of mind, Technical Framework will work diligently to ensure you minimize your network’s attack surface.

Handheld Device and Wireless Access Solutions

With more and more companies allowing the use of personal devices on company networks, you’ll need to develop a mobile device and wireless access policy. While Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies keep staff productive regardless of their location, you’ll need to keep sensitive information secure during every transmission using encryption and secure access tools.

For enhanced mobile and wireless security, Technical Framework will develop the necessary policies and protocols to keep all information safe and secure on all devices connected to the network. As the threat landscape changes and new exploits arise, device policies will need to address the latest risks effectively. Technical Framework will review and update policies as new threats targeting mobile devices become known.

To start your network design and gain access to a team of knowledgeable professionals, contact Technical Framework today.

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