Facilities Setup and Relocation

Facility Relocation

Reduce the disruption to your business operations during a facility setup or relocation project with Technical Framework.

IT Infrastructure Setup Solutions from Technical Framework

If you’re opening a new location for your company or relocating to a new commercial space, you’ll need to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. As your organization will need to hit the ground running, establishing a complete IT facility setup plan and schedule will be vital to reducing the disruption to your staff. Many factors need to go into planning the commissioning of a new IT system or relocating existing infrastructure to a new location.

Technical Framework has the necessary expertise to plan and execute your facility’s setup for minimal disruption and limited downtime. Technical Framework also provides IT consulting services to help you streamline your IT operations and improve your office’s digital systems.

IT Office Relocation Services

Moving to new offices can be stressful for business owners and staff alike. To manage the process, the company will need to plan every step down to the finest detail. Any mistake in the plan can lead to extended downtimes that will cost the business revenue and could damage the organization’s reputation.

By using Technical Framework’s IT office relocation services, your company will reduce the risks associated with the move while also gaining the experience from a team of industry professionals. Technical Framework will survey the new location, design the infrastructure layout, and recommission the IT system quickly and efficiently. Technical Framework will provide you with dedicated professionals who can ensure you stay on schedule.

New IT Infrastructure Setup Services

If you’re opening a second location for your business or starting a new company, the digital infrastructure layout and configuration can be a daunting task. You’ll need to determine what IT systems you’ll need, how to route the data cables, where to place the routers and switches, and what additional infrastructure you’ll need for security and ancillary services.

Technical Framework can provide you with a detailed assessment of your business’s IT needs and develop an implementation plan that suits your requirements. With a team of IT professionals skilled in establishing robust IT infrastructure, Technical Framework will ensure your company’s facilities are operational according to your deadlines. Technical Framework can provide end-to-end facility setup services including hardware, configuring the applications, setting up servers, and building the networks.

Improving IT Efficiency of Existing Infrastructure

While most organizations approach a relocation project as a simple pick up and move activity, it’s also an opportunity to optimize your IT systems. Technical Framework can assist with analyzing your current systems and recommend improvements where necessary. By working with Technical Framework’s team of IT consultants, your IT infrastructure can gain new life and provide your staff with a better performing system after the relocation. Technical Framework’s engineers will ensure your IT systems receive the necessary configurations and upgrades, as well as optimize the entire network for a more reliable solution.

Technical Framework provides a host of IT related services, including virtualization, network optimization, hardware provisioning, and cloud-migration solutions. With a team that understands the pressures and complexities of the modern IT industry, Technical Framework can alleviate the burden on your staff and help you develop an IT strategy that ensures your business continues to grow effortlessly.

To start planning your IT office relocation project or for more advice on our IT infrastructure setup services, get in touch with Technical Framework today.

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