Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Is your business prepared if a disaster, such as a fire, tornado, or earthquake were to strike? Many businesses think they are…but they really aren’t, especially if they don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. At Technical Framework, we offer the following disaster recovery services, all of which are essential components of a disaster recovery plan.

Employee Communication Plan

A current communication plan that all employees are trained on is a top priority, both during and after a disaster. We can create a plan and train your employees so they are all using the same communication protocol, and know exactly what their role is if a disaster were to occur.

System Backup

As part of your disaster recovery plan, your organization’s IT system should be backed up on a regular basis, both locally and at an off-site location, to prevent data from being lost in case of a disaster. We can assist your business with implementing a complete backup system to decrease the risk of lost data.

Comprehensive Asset Inventory

Your disaster recovery plan should include a detailed list and photos of all your technology assets and office equipment. This is especially important for any insurance claims you might need to file. We can assist you with creating your asset inventory list to ensure all details are included.

Equipment Protection

Knowing how to safely protect your equipment from potential damage can save your business time and cost during the disaster recovery process. We can examine your equipment and provide recommendations for keeping it protected during a disaster.

Business Continuity

Keeping your business running after a disaster hits is vital for your customers, vendors, and employees. We can assist you with defining your business requirements so you know exactly what is needed to continue operations after a disaster.

Service Restoration Plan

Because you want to get your business operating as quickly as possible after a disaster, ongoing communication with vendors to learn when repairs, such as power outages, will be completed is critical. We will communicate with your organization’s vendors, including your local power providers, to assess the likelihood of commencing business operations again.

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