Microsoft SharePoint

Technical Framework has the expertise to implement, manage, and support Microsoft SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online (Office 365) systems. Our services include the following

Company Portals (Intranets)
Technical Framework’s customized intranet solutions allow your staff, vendors, and clients to collaborate using a centralized repository for shared calendars, contacts lists, documents, articles, links, notes, tasks, and much more.

Technical Framework can automate and manage business processes such as document routing, approvals, and storage using SharePoint’s workflow templates or custom workflow solutions created with SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio.

Document Capture and Conversion
Technical Framework provides paper to digital document capture and conversion including scanner integration, optical character recognition (OCR), release to SharePoint, systematic indexing and metadata input, and storage. We integrate products from Knowledge Lake, a leader in document capture and OCR software to provide the best customized solutions in the industry.

Vertical Integration
The combined SharePoint implementation portfolio of Technical Framework and its partners includes vertically integrated solutions for federal government (USDA), real estate, construction management, engineering, environmental, healthcare, non-profit, and education.


Task Workflow Demo | ► 04:58
Use three-state workflow to route tasks in SharePoint.

Using Workflows (Requires login) | ► 08:08
A hands-on introduction to SharePoint workflows.

Document Scan, Index, and Release to SharePoint | ► 02:10
Empower individuals, throughout the enterprise, to quickly scan, store and access the critical content needed to move business forward.

Streamlined Document Interaction | ► 01:31
Users can quickly and easily view and interact with documents, edit metadata tags; add, remove and rotate pages; interact with workflows in progress or start new ones.

Streamlined Document Upload to SharePoint | ► 01:47
Optimize your interactions with SharePoint. In this demonstration, we’ll show how you can dramatically reduce the time, effort and frustration associated with uploading documents to SharePoint from Microsoft Office.

Simplified Browsing and Navigation in SharePoint | ► 01:08
Simplify browsing and interaction with content in SharePoint using consolidated view of all of a user’s available SharePoint sites, libraries, lists and more.

Enhanced Search Capabilities in SharePoint | ► 01:40
Reduce the noise around search results by using a powerful, intuitive desktop-based SharePoint search.

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