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Windows 10

Speed up your work processes and secure your company’s workstations with the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

Windows 10 Operating System for Businesses

For decades, Microsoft’s Windows Operating System (OS) has been the preferred solution for small to medium businesses and large enterprises. While some instances had questionable rollouts in the past, the latest Windows 10 versions are now the most popular OS in use around the world. Similar to Windows 8.1, Windows 10 provides for a harmonized interface across tablet PCs, desktops, and laptops.

Technical Framework can assist your organization with your Microsoft Windows 10 update and migration project to ensure a smooth process and minimal disruption.

Enhanced Performance and Intuitive Interface

One of the primary enhancements that come with the Microsoft Windows 10 update is improved performance. Boot, startup, sleep, and wake up procedures are slightly better than Windows 7, but vastly improved from Windows 8.1. Windows 10 Native applications operate more reliably and experience fewer software crashes, according to independent analysts. As Microsoft Windows 10 updates continue to become available, the OS’s performance will also improve over time.

Windows 10 leverages the popularity of Windows XP for more intuitive user experience. With Windows 8.1’s Metro, many users found the interface confusing and frustrating. The latest version went back to the sleek and easy to navigate layout similar to Windows 7.

Technical Framework can help you optimize your Windows 10 configuration and settings for improved performance and reliability. Once the configuration is complete, you can generate a Windows 10 Image for deployment on any of your company’s PCs.

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Remain Secure with Regular Software Patches

While Windows 10 already comes with enhanced security features, Microsoft no longer provides any security patches for Windows 7 after January 2020. For organizations still using Windows 7 in the company, this presents a massive risk to data security. Known exploits and vulnerabilities can put the entire company’s network at risk if you don’t upgrade to Windows 10. Cybersecurity poses an existential risk to organizations with ransomware attacks on the rise. Windows 10 provides a safer operating platform for companies to continue working safely and securely.

Technical Framework can assist your organization with migrating existing security policies from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10. To continue working safely, Technical Framework provides comprehensive Windows 10 help and advice to customers unsure of the new version’s features and capabilities.

Multitask and Collaborate Effectively throughout the Organization

Apart from the improved performance and security, Windows 10 also provides organizations with a variety of new tools and features. Microsoft OneNote is included in all of the Windows 10 editions and allows staff to sketch or capture notes on a device quickly and easily. There’s also the new Microsoft App Store that provides both Microsoft and third-party applications for improved productivity and extending the OS’s capabilities.

To improve your office’s collaboration and integration capabilities, Technical Framework will work with your team to establish the right tools that drive the organization’s productivity. From establishing network configurations to enforcing security policies, Technical Framework’s team of Windows 10 experts will ensure you can upgrade to the newest version with ease.

To ensure your office PCs remain safe and you improve your operational efficiency with a Microsoft Windows 10 Update, get in touch with Technical Framework today.

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