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Wireless Conference Rooms

Great communication sits at the heart of all successful businesses, and every modern company should be blessed with several meeting spaces. Discussions within those meeting spaces are integral to strategy, collaboration and general productivity. While this has been the case for several generations, times have changed and, quite frankly, wireless conference rooms are the future.

Going wireless in the conference room may seem like an unnecessary upgrade designed primarily to boost the company ego, but it is a change that can bring so much more. Here’s why.

A More Efficient Conference Space

Once upon a time, tech features within the conference room were rather limited, with many surviving with little more than an overhead projector. Nowadays, though, the conference room may include TV monitors, projectors for the laptop, and various other tech features. That’s a lot of wires, and can make the space look very messy indeed.

Removing the need for so many wires makes the room feel more organized and also leaves you free to change the layout and interior design without any fuss. More tellingly, though, wireless technology allows you to put an end to the day of things going wrong due to a loose wire. With those distractions removed, keeping the team focused has never been easier.

In turn, this can only bring better results for everyone involved, not least with regards to time efficiency.

Improved Collaborations

More and more workspaces now embrace the idea of letting employees bring their own laptops into work. If it allows them to work with greater efficiency, especially on the go, this can be a step in the right direction. By using wireless tech and cloud computing facilities, it’s possible for employees to connect their laptops directly to the visual media. This added sense of interaction can work wonders.

Those capabilities aren’t limited to the on-site conference room, either. By utilizing wireless facilities, you can connect to other conference rooms or even remote employees at home. This takes sharing and collaborations to a whole new level, which is particularly useful for modern companies that are spread out across the country.

There are many resources available to modern businesses, including platforms that include collaboration tools and resources. In most cases, the cross-platform opportunities are highly beneficial too, especially when some people use Windows while others use OSX.

Catch-Up Opportunities

The harsh reality of modern business management is that there will always be staff absences. Traditionally, missing out on one important conference could leave the absent party feeling lost and confused as they fall behind. Nowadays, the fact that you’ll be providing real-time collaborations ill open the door to providing the details for them to catch up with far greater success.

It’s still no substitute for being there (either in the wireless conference room or in a remote location), but it does make things run more smoothly. After all, success isn’t just about the productivity within those meetings. The results that follow are equally crucial, and going wireless will aid both aspects..

Wireless Display Technologies

And finally, for the geek in us, here is a list of current wireless display technologies:

Apple TV
Belkin Miracast Video Adapter
Google Chromecast
IOGear Wireless Mobile and PC to HDTV – WiDi and Miracast Adapter (GWAVR)
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter
Netgear Push2TV
Samsung Allshare Cast Hub
Startech Wireless Display Adapter with Miracast /WiDi for Mobile Devices

Ream more: https://www.computerworld.com/article/2824189/computer-hardware/10-mirroring-devices-let-you-present-without-wires.html#slide1

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