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Office Business Premium 2016

Here’s all you need to know about the most recent edition of the Business Premium suite.

The Basics Of MS Office Business Premium 2016

The premium business package is available for both Windows and Mac users, with the process of purchasing and downloading being particularly easy. The installation wizard is simple to use too, but business owners should know that any 2013 programs will have to be uninstalled. However, older versions from 2010 and earlier can remain if wanted, although it’s very unlikely.

MS Office 2016, especially the Business Premium edition, is designed to work best with Windows 10. However, unlike the forthcoming 2019 edition, it isn’t exclusive to the latest operating system.

Key Feature: Outlook Customer Manager

While MS Office packages certainly include a number of Apps that can aid productivity (more about those later), the Outlook program is one that has previously gone undervalued. It is so much more than a simple email platform, and businesses should all try to embrace it fully. The Outlook Customer Manager feature that’s included with the Business Premium package is essential.

Outlook has had to evolve over the years due to the improvements of Gmail and other alternatives. The Customer Manager tools allow you to organize customer data with far greater authority. You can store information such as emails, meetings, call, notes, tasks, and deadlines all in one place. Aside from preventing the threat of missing important moments, this info can be dragged up to improve client interactions.

Better still, the use of collaborative features through the Business Premium tools allows others to pick up the clients details allowing them to pick those interactions from where they left off. Best of all, the clear layout of a familiar platform means that you can incorporate those features without installing complicated additional software or dedicating days to training.

Managing business tasks and collaborating with others all from one platform has never been easier.

What Else Is Included In MS Office Business Premium 2016?

The package isn’t all about Outlook, and still boasts the tired and tested software programs needed to run a successful business.

MS Word: The gold standard of computerized word processing.

MS Excel: Compile spreadsheets and graphs for a host of business activities.

MS PowerPoint: Create presentations for team meetings, conferences, training and more.

Skype for Business: Hold video conferences with individuals or groups.

MS Onenote: Gather all notes, including audio and keep them in one place.

MS SharePoint: A browser-based collaboration package.

MS Access: A database management system used as a front end to client databases.

Some of those features are rendered obsolete thanks to the Outlook management, but those software types work together to create a suite that’s ready to satisfy the needs of any modern business.

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