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How to Improve Your Mobile Device Security Policy

Mobile devices are often used for work-related activities, whether in or outside of the office. Frequently reviewing your mobile device security policy is key to protecting your data to ensure it doesn’t fall into the hands of criminals. A managed IT service provider can also take an active role in improving your mobile device policy due to the ever-evolving nature of cyberattacks.

Here are some simple tips on how your business can improve its mobile device security policy.

Update Your Mobile Device Use Policy

One of the first steps in improving security is to update the mobile device use policy for your employees. A mobile device use policy should cover many topics, such as which apps can be downloaded and how sensitive information needs to be handled. Providing these guidelines for your employees gives them additional direction to help limit the chance of a data breach or cybersecurity incident.

Apply Automatic Security Updates

Downloading the latest security updates is key to limiting vulnerabilities. However, relying on your employees to keep their devices up to date with the latest patches isn’t recommended. Turning on automatic updates for mobile devices is essential to patching vulnerabilities as soon as possible without any delays.

Require Virtual Private Networks

Employees often use public Wi-Fi while working outside of the office. Unfortunately, a public Wi-Fi network poses severe risks to data security, especially if you are accessing bank accounts or confidential records. Using a virtual private network (VPN) is key to encrypting your data while using other networks, which helps your employees stay productive outside of the office.

Backup Work-Related Data

Mobile devices can often hold a large amount of information for your business. While mobile devices are convenient, they also create a more significant risk for data loss. For example, a tablet or smartphone can easily be misplaced, damaged, or even stolen. The best way to prepare for such a dire situation is to create data backups for all of your critical information. An IT service provider can create data backups in real-time to ensure your information is always secure.

Employ a Mobile Device Manager

Using a mobile device manager makes it much easier for your business to manage employees’ mobile devices. An IT team can perform a wide range of activities, whether granting or revoking device access to your network, applying patches or using remote lock functions. These IT professionals will also monitor work-related devices for any signs of unusual activity for additional cybersecurity protection.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile devices will continue to be widely used for work-related activities. Finding ways to improve your mobile device security policy is a necessity in creating a secure work environment. A managed service provider will work closely with your team in updating your mobile device use policy while also applying updates automatically and creating backups in real-time for critical information. Cyber threats targeting mobile devices will only continue to evolve, as keeping your mobile device policy up to date is essential for data security.

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