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4 Reasons Why You Need the Cloud for Data Backups

Data backups are a vital aspect of any business continuity plan. These backups will help your company recover from any situation, whether dealing with a natural disaster, employee mistakes, or a cybersecurity incident. Using the cloud for data backups is always recommended compared to manually creating backups on external hard drives. An IT service provider can help your company fully utilize the cloud to ensure your data is safe and readily available.

Here are a few reasons why cloud services are the best choice for data backups.

1) Increase Uptime

One of the top advantages of using the cloud for data backups is that it helps to increase uptime for your business. You can quickly restore these data backups, whether it’s for one employee or your entire team. On the other hand, manual data backups often take much longer to restore information, and they are more susceptible to being damaged due to a natural disaster impacting your office.

2) Enhance IT Security

Another benefit of creating data backups on the cloud is that it increases cybersecurity. For example, these backups will provide your company with an added layer of protection against ransomware schemes. You won’t be forced to pay any money due to your data being held hostage by these cybercriminals. Instead, your IT team can quickly restore your data from the cloud to its current format.

3) Real-Time Data Backups

Constantly keeping your manual data backups up to date requires much work. Even accidentally skipping one day can lead to terrible results if your business is the victim of data loss. Fortunately, using cloud services makes it possible to create data backups in real-time automatically. You will have much less stress knowing that your data can easily be accessed on the cloud, and it’s always up to date.

4) Additional Flexibility

Many employees now either work full or part-time at home. Making it possible for these workers to restore data backups on the cloud is especially important in limiting disruptions to your business. On the other hand, manual data backups in the office make it impossible for remote employees to access this information without making an extra trip to your business. Data backups on the cloud give your employees the flexibility to work anywhere, as they can quickly restore lost data with just a few clicks of a button.

Closing Thoughts

Cloud computing will only continue to play a more prominent role in the workplace. Using the cloud for storing data backups is especially beneficial for businesses due to the increase in remote workers. Real-time data backups are also more convenient, as it saves everyone a lot of time and energy. In addition, storing data on the cloud helps limit downtime while giving your business even greater protection against ransomware and other cyber threats. A managed service provider can work with your company to set up automatic data backups on the cloud to ensure your organization is always well-protected.

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