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7 Ways to Optimize your Twitter Presence

Optimize Your Twitter Presence

Twitter holds tremendous potential for businesses. From brand-building to market research to sales to customer service, you can put the power of Twitter to work for your business in so many ways. Yet, to get the most from your Twitter presence, there are some important steps you need to take.

After all, your Twitter presence is an extension of your brand. You need to give it as much attention as you do your own website.

Here are some areas in which you can make your Twitter presence even more effective:

  1. Make your background pop. The first element that’s going to catch the profile visitor’s eye is the background. The default Twitter background won’t send visitors away, but it won’t exactly convince them to stay. You’ll want to create a customized background for your Twitter profile. Choose something that stands out from the other profiles out there, and that also reflects your brand.
  2. Choose the right photograph. Even before a visitor sees your profile, they’re going to see your photograph. In many cases, an interesting photograph will compel a visitor to click through to your profile. Here again, the default “egg” image just doesn’t cut it. If you’re building a personal brand, use a headshot that provides a clearly recognizable profile. If you’re branding a business, use a company logo or other company branding image.
  3. Give your bio some serious effort. Your bio needs to be compelling. A list of your experiences or a simple description of your brand isn’t enough. You need to include something about your brand that will compel the reader to click. Include a link to your website in your bio, as well.
  4. Create active tweets. Using active language will help generate shares. Share actionable and valuable content from others, as well. Verbs create a greater response on Twitter than other kinds of language.
  5. Tweet landing page links. Twitter can be used for direct online lead generation. Don’t let a majority of your tweets lead to landing pages, however, or you’ll lose followers fast.
  6. Use hashtags effectively. This will get you seen by more users, generate more retweets, and lead to more followers. Keep hastags to 1-2 per post in order to achieve maximum results.
  7. Keyword your tweets. In the same way you optimize your website for certain keywords, you should do so with your tweets. This puts your tweets ahead in search results in your niche.
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