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Why Your Business Needs a Pinterest Invite – Now

Why Your Business Needs a Pinterest Invite – Now 1The digital age is bringing new sharing and engagement trends like never before. Social networking sites are seeing a significant increase in the amount of time the growing web user base is spending online. Pinterest, a new image sharing social network, is currently invite only, has 11.9 million monthly active users and is driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. With staggering data like this, it’s important to understand why your business needs a Pinterest invite – NOW.

  • Growth: The fact that Pinterest has 11.9 million MAU and is still invite only is shocking. Even more important than the number, is the fact that these users are active which means not only are they sharing content, but they are also likely to be sending more invites.
  • Traffic: The Pinterest platform allows images from around the web to be pinned to boards. Users can then like, comment, repin the images, follow the image poster and visit the site the image was pinned from. All web pinned images are linked back to their source so when a user clicks the image, they are directed to the originating site. Pinterest is a new driving force for traffic generation.
  • Sharing: Sharing and engagement make up a large part of internet marketing campaigns in the digital age. Virality, engagement and reach are now sought after success metrics. Pinterest offers the potential for viral posts, high levels of engagement and significant social reach.
  • Visibility: Pinterest has introduced a Facebook app which increases your potential reach exponentially. When a user links their Facebook account to their Pinterest profile and allows the app permissions, all pins are forwarded to their Facebook wall and a newsfeed story is generated.

This rapidly growing social network is a must have. A properly planned Pinterest strategy will increase your site traffic, potential reach and open up new engagement opportunities to help your internet marketing efforts go viral. If you’d like an invite or any additional information on how to leverage Pinterest for your business, or services revolving around Fort Collins web design and development, and Fort Collins cloud consulting, please feel free to contact us at info@techframework.com.

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