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5 ways you didn’t know you could use VMware

VMware virtualizes computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices. It helps businesses become more agile, responsive and profitable but as with any tool you need to know how to use it to get the most out of it. Technical Framework’s Fort Collins & Greeley IT support and consulting team have helped plenty of businesses to get the most out of VMware. Here are 5 ways you may not have considered using VMware.

1. Testing New Software and Service Packs

Every so often when you install new software or a service pack, you run the risk of something going wrong. For example with Microsoft products, once installed, you cannot downgrade many of their applications like Internet Explorer and Media Player. With VMware you can test the software or service pack with no risk, by using the virtual installation to test software and service packs before installing to your main drive or server.

2. A More Sensible Way of Testing Shareware

With shareware you usually get a short term trial, say 30 days, where you can try the software without paying. However, often you may download the software and then never get around to trying it within the trial period. The trial info is stored in your registry, so with VMware, you can give it a go on the virtual machine and revert back to an old snapshot to reinstall the software and get the trial period over again.

3. Running an Exchange Server to Keep Outlook Synchronized

To keep Outlook synced across machines you can run a Windows Server with MS Exchange installed on the virtual machine. While getting this setup can be a bit hard if you are not familiar with installing servers and server software, once you are up and running, it is a breeze to operate. This way you can run MS Exchange without purchasing a physical server.

4. Create a Network Environment for Testing

VMware is useful for network admins who want to test out a new deployment of networked machines. Just create a number of virtual servers and workstations and then isolate them in their own private network to avoid spill-over. Not only does it provide a safer environment for testing, but with the cloning feature of VMware you can quickly duplicate the workstations.

VMware’s flexibility can help your business with many IT infrastructure challenges. If you have any issues or want to find out more about VMware, contact the Fort Collins & Greeley IT support and consulting team from Technical Framework.

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