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4 great tips to get everyone in your workplace to help your social media

No doubt all of your employees are on social media, sometimes even at work. Social media is an inescapable part of life and business. If you are able to harness this new medium properly you will be able to expand your brand and increase your margins. At Technical Framework we help firms get more from their social media and one of our pieces of advice is to get your employees to help out. As the leading Fort Collins web design and development firm we have helped many firms to utilize their social media to deliver the best outcomes. In this guide we will give you some tips on how to get all your employees on board with your social media strategy.

1. Assess your employee advocacy
Using SocialLook you are able to get an understanding of employee advocacy as it measures the accounts of employees on Twitter who have listed their employment on their bio. This means that you can gain an impression of how your employees are advocating for your firm before you decide what type of strategy you are going to implement. Obviously, for some firms this will deliver more results than others, while larger firms in the tech sector are more likely to find a significant number of employees with which to measure.

2. Make it easy for employees to advocate
One thing your firm can do is make it easy for them to advocate. Create a hashtag they can use and make sure that you promote this hashtag as much as you can. Use your accounts on social media to post exciting and stimulating material they can engage in. The easier you make it, the more often you will find that employees help out.

3. Create incentives
You can also create incentives for employees to engage with your firm’s accounts. You could have monthly giveaways for the employees who have tweeted the most about the firm or for those who have shared the most Facebook posts. However, you need to make sure that you are not forcing people into this, make it optional rather than a required part of work.

4. Trust your employees
Closely related to the need for optional is the importance of trusting your employees. Do not dictate what they should do or say but rather let them naturally express themselves. This is far more effective both in terms of actually getting them interacting with your social media and in appearing natural to the audience. Sure there may be missteps along the way but overall it is the best strategy.
With Technical Framework web design and development taking care of your website and your employees helping advocate for your firm, you will find that in no time your online presence is delivering a huge range of benefits. Make the most of this brave new era of digital promotion and maximize your outcomes.

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