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Windows 10 Security Features

Even though some users are apprehensive about upgrading to Windows 10, it’s hard to deny how it has refreshed the Windows market with some remarkable security features. Some of these features are:

1. Device Guard

Device Guard is designed to block the loopholes in a software/application which is not known to the software’s vendor by vetting the applications trying to access the Windows 10 system or its connected network. It will block the unknown applications which are not recognized by the software vendors, enterprises, and Windows app store as soon as the app is executed and will notify the user that the app is not trustworthy.

Device Guard supports all the devices which are running Windows, such as ATM Machines, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and point-of-sale systems. Since Device Guard can also be operated virtually, even if the kernel of Windows is compromised, the security of Device Guard will not be compromised.

2. Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a feature that uses biometric technology for authentication to launch Windows 10. It uses your fingerprints, face, and iris as a password alternative, which makes authentication more secure and less vulnerable.

Windows Hello provides an extra layer of security for Windows 10 as it allows you to automatically authenticate online services, applications, and enterprise content without the need to store a password for authentication on the Windows device or network server. Fingerprint scans built directly into the operating system will help protect against breach, security threats, and phishing without compromising user experience.

3. Passport

The Passport security feature is a two-factor authentication system which includes a biometric sensor or a PIN, that will grant password free usage for websites, applications and networks on the enrolled devices. Once you are authenticated using Passport, it will provide instant access to a wide range of websites, applications and services.

4. Data Protection with Azure

Windows 10 provides extra features in BitLocker for protection of data on devices by using Azure rights services. It protects corporate data by automatically encrypting corporate apps, email, data, and website content whenever it appears on Windows 10 devices from locations which are on a corporate network. When new content is created by a user, it helps users to define whether the created document is corporate or personal.

The addition of a new layer of protection using Azure at application and file level will help to secure data. There’s no need for special apps and a locked-down interface to maintain data security.

5. Windows Update for Business

With Windows 10, all new updates for patching security holes will be provided continuously. There will be no delay in periodic patching as compared to earlier updates. Also, you will get updates at your own convenience. Say goodbye to forced updates.

In addition, peer-to-peer updates allow offices with limited bandwidth to distribute updates among all the PCs instead of downloading the required updates on every single PC.

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