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Web Based File Sharing

Despite steep advancements of the World Wide Web as a whole over the past few years, there is still a lack of flexible, reasonably priced tools available in the area of web based sharing. Hosted solutions tend to be expensive, charging upwards of $500 per month for minimal capabilities, not to mention most hosting services do not stay around for very long. Those products which you can install on your company’s internal computer system tend to be complex, bloated, expensive, and often require a team of trained technicians to cost you even more money.

What if there were a web based file sharing product which was inexpensive and easy to install on your office system, with basic, easily comprehensible features? Well, there is. We must disclose that it’s our own product and although we are not overly proud of it, we do feel that it addresses several consumer needs scarcely fulfilled by providers. It also comes with something fairly unique in this industry, called “customer service”. This means that your requests will be acknowledged within 24 hours regardless of your location on the globe. Installation support is free as well.

Oh yes, almost forgot. The product we’re raving about is FileSharePlus. Its features include email alerts, permissions levels, explorer-like functionality, image sharing including thumbnails, and that’s just the start. There is a free Community Edition which allows up to 20 users. FileSharePlus is built on ASP.NET, and is customizable to match your organization’s requirements. Download a copy and let us know what you think. We’ll help you install it, free of charge.

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