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The Threat of Stolen Mobile Devices

How would you deal with a lost or stolen company mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop?

Do you have a way to track the last location of the device? How about the ability to remotely wipe everything from the device’s storage? Are you affixing a recovery phone number to the device which does not reveal the identity of your company? Are your mobile devices encrypted?

If you said, “No”, to one or more of the questions, your company is in trouble. If you’re a CIO or CTO, you should march into the IT department and resolve this issue ASAP. If you are in the IT department, call a meeting and get started before the CIO or CTO gets wind of the situation. 

Once you perform the technical lock-downs, write a policy on how mobile devices should be used and distribute the copy to all staff members for acknowledgment. 

Here’s a sample policy to get you started.

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