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Technical Framework Urges Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Audits

Technical Framework, a Colorado-based IT Managed Service provider, urges employers to audit the cybersecurity of work-from-home employees.

“We’re experiencing a COVID-19 surge and may well be heading toward another quarantine where employees are sent home to work. Unfortunately, hackers know all too well that home networks are easier to penetrate and, therefore, the Achilles heel of corporate cybersecurity when home users connect remotely. All you need is one unsecured home network to bring down an entire department, division, or corporation. Once hackers penetrate the home network, they can move laterally to the company’s servers or other computers,” said Al Harris, Co-founder of Technical Framework.

Harris went on to say, “Home users can purchase a home firewall with wireless access for less than $75, which can be set up with the help of the vendor’s tech support or a local technician. The firewall’s firmware should be updated approximately every three months or as soon as a new version is released. The selected firewall should have both trusted and guest WIFI with no traversal allowed between the two. Connect all personal and smart devices to the guest WIFI and use the trusted WIFI for corporate PCs and laptops. If one or more of your smart devices is hacked, the intruder will likely be confined to the guest network and therefore blocked from accessing corporate devices. Employees should leave their corporate devices powered on and connected to the Internet overnight so their corporate IT team can install the latest patches as needed.”

About Technical Framework: Technical Framework offers information technology consulting services to small, and medium-sized businesses in Northern Colorado and across the USA. Services include management of computers and handhelds, networks and servers, and data security. Technical Framework is committed to providing reliable, trustworthy, and innovative services to its clients based on solid core values.

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