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So you’ve had a data breach, now what?

One thing many clients ask about is what to do in the case of a data breach. The Fort Collins & Greeley IT support and consulting team pride themselves on ensuring client data is as secure as possible, however no security is unbreakable. What you do in the immediate aftermath can make a big difference.

Disclose as soon as possible

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to try to delay or suppress the breach. The best thing you can do is to come clean straight away as any suggestion that you have not been entirely honest can become a PR nightmare. As long as you are up front about it as quickly as possible, you can help to control the situation and lead the narrative.

Be totally honest

Not only do you need to disclose the breach as soon as you can but you also need to be totally honest about it. Provide as many details as you can about the nature and scope of the breach. Just as delaying or suppressing the breach will come back to bite you, not being entirely truthful about it can also become bad press. This is a case where full disclosure is required.

Use all channels of communication

You need to use every channel of communication you have available to release details of the breach. This means releasing a clear, consistent and comprehensive statement on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and through traditional media. The more channels you use the better.

Avoid glib reassurances and jargon

Your message needs to be realistic and frank, it must be clear and comprehensible. This is not a time for vague reassurances and technical mumbo jumbo. You need to make sure that the press release is able to be understood by 99% of your target audience.

Be solution focused

You need to be solution focused. The only thing anyone wants to know right now is how you are going to sort the problem out. Until you have done this, do not dilute your message with anything else. Make sure that you have a workable solution before releasing it though as any failure at this point will compound the damage.

Put your customers first

While some in your company will be worried about the bottom line, right now the most important thing you can be doing is reassuring and helping your customers. This will pay off in the long run, so make sure you focus on their satisfaction by ensuring you have the resources in place and the information at hand.

The Fort Collins & Greeley IT support and consulting team work hard to protect you from breaches but if you do ever suffer from one, make sure you follow these effective rules.

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