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Manufacturing IT Services

Manufacturing is the lifeblood of the economy, and today, information technology is the mechanism by which it runs. Without your hardware, apps, data, and telecommunication running at peak performance, your production line suffers. If any of those IT assets are down, your production halts, and therefore so do your revenues. This cause and effect are the reason a robust IT infrastructure is not a luxury but critical for the survival of your organization.

You may have heard all this before and wondered how to go about optimizing your IT infrastructure using professional manufacturing IT services. Let’s walk through the critical areas of a manufacturing IT system and how Technical Framework can help.

Your Need. Regardless of its nature, any infrastructure requires a solid foundation to be robust and operate efficiently. The foundation of an IT system is the network, meaning WIFI, data cabling, routers, switches, and telecommunications. Each of these components must be reliable, redundant, and, most important of all, secure. If you don’t have a diagram of your network will all its components documented in detail, now is the time to start.

Our Solution. Our manufacturing IT support technicians are experts at removing bottlenecks to allow for faster access to resources, WIFI analysis, and overall network security. We manage the network so it is transparent to your operation.

Your Need. The next area to consider is the brain center of your network, the servers. These devices are responsible for the storage and retrieval of data and hosting of applications. They must have a strict manufacturing IT support maintenance plan, disaster recovery scheme, and several different types of backups. In other words, take care of your brain, and it will take care of you. Otherwise, without the proper level of manufacturing IT services, be ready to close the shop for what will seem like an eternity.

Our Solution. Windows Server administration for manufacturing IT support operations is our specialty because we understand how to leverage server virtualization to be a cost-saving asset to your organization. Virtualization allows efficient server management with minimal hardware resources. We’ve built and optimized virtual server infrastructures for years and know what’s required to keep your plant operational.

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Your Need. In manufacturing IT services, applications process the valuable data your servers store. Without them, the data are useless. The positive side is that applications do not change a great deal except for significant updates. The key here is to keep your vendor subscriptions active so that you can obtain upgrades, updates, and technical support on demand.

Our Solution. Application support is where our engineering capabilities set us apart from the pack. Manufacturing line-of-business applications vary from one plant to another and can be challenging to manage due to their client-server, database-driven architecture. Databases can grow to several gigabytes and must undergo a strict backup scheme with rapid restoration capabilities, which is a science in and of itself. The front end, which is the user side, must process input and output to attain the proper level of manufacturing IT services.

Your Need. Telecomunications keep data flowing to and from your network. Internet connections and site-to-site digital lines are examples. Today’s IT on-premise infrastructures need secure, fast, 24×7 access to external systems such as remote offices and the Internet. Manufacturing digital files can be quite large and must transmit quickly to keep operations flowing.

Our Solution. We routinely procure and manage leased telecommunications links from telcos and ISPs to match the needs of our manufacturing clients. Our skills in this area include IP address allocation and management, security, traffic management, and downtime manufacturing IT support.

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