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The dark web consists of illicit internet-based content or web applications such as ecommerce sites that exist on darknets, otherwise known as overlay networks or hidden networks. Overlay networks may be layered and “hidden” on top of another network such as the public internet.

These dark web networks require specialized software such as private web browsers like Tor, configurations, or authorization to access the hidden web content. The sites are also encrypted and do not utilize traditional DNS and IP addresses that make websites identifiable on the public internet.

The dark web is a small subset of the so-called deep web. At times, the terms deep web and dark web are used interchangeably, however, they are not the same. While the dark web is illicit content not indexed by commercial web search engines, the deep web refers to internet content not only not indexed by search engines but also may include sites such as password-restricted medical records, paywall-restricted content, membership websites, or private corporate web pages. The deep web is also estimated to be 400 to 500 times larger than the surface internet indexed by search engines such as Google.1

Sites with criminal intent or illegal content, and “trading” ecommerce sites where users can purchase illicit goods or services make up the dark web. Examples of criminal dark web activities include web sites where doctors may provide medical advice to drug users who desire anonymity, sites where foreign citizens can discuss illegal immigration strategies, and sites where hackers buy and sell credit card information, medical records and social security numbers as well as to conduct general cybercrime activities.2

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Dark Web Monitoring Services

Online dark web sellers that offer compromised information ranging from social security numbers, private emails and phone numbers, credit card information and medical records to stolen usernames and passwords can cause serious financial and legal damage to businesses. In response, dark web monitoring services continuously scan these illicit and hidden web sites for compromised individual and business information that may have been leaked online from legitimate web sites in order to protect organizations against malicious online actors.

Dark web monitoring services both protect and alert businesses to compromised employee and client accounts in order to quickly mitigate financial and reputational damage. Moreover, dark web monitoring services alert organizations to compromised information that appears in breached databases posted online and check for exposed email and account passwords, leaked content or even intellectual property as well as compromised company domain names to see if they appear anywhere in dark web databases.

Technical Framework Dark Web Scanning Service

Technical Framework offers dark web scanning services that protect and alert businesses to compromised employee and client accounts and information. Technical Framework also implements and maintains dark web monitoring services that include crisis remediation and data breach forensic investigations to help clients ensure their IT security, governance, and regulatory compliance.

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