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Pillars of Email Security

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats stems from emails. Almost every adult in the world has an email address that they check on a regular basis, which is why the prevalence of email-borne threats has started to rise. The good news is that going from being vulnerable to email-related cyber threats to being resilient against them doesn’t have to be stressful. The most important thing is to make preparing to protect yourself from these kinds of threats a priority. You need to have a strong understanding of what your weaknesses are, as well as where your strengths lie. It is vital that you take the time to spread out responsibility for your email security, meaning that you have more than one layer (or pillar) or protection in place. The question is, what are the pillars of email protection?

  1. Filtering

When it comes to protecting yourself (and your business) from cyber attacks, email filtering is key, as it is the first line of defense. The fact is that hackers use malware and phishing emails in a range of ways to gain access to personal information and data. This means that when it comes to choosing the right protection, you want to install an email filter which can spot problems with emails before they land in your inbox.

  1. Data protection

Ransomware threats are constantly evolving, which means it is vital that you have a safe and secure second copy of all data stored somewhere. A ransomware threat can quickly overtake an entire system, rendering it useless. You’ll want to ensure that all files are automatically copied to an alternate location with multiple versions dating back over a span of years.

  1. Business continuity

The fact is that email systems, whether hosted at the premises or virtually via the cloud, can go down. Should your email system go down, you need to have a backup system in place to minimize downtime. Having such a backup in place should allow your employees to continue with their work as normal.

  1. End-user empowerment

Your employees are your best defense against email-borne threats. When it comes to protecting your business from these threats, training your employees to know what to look for is crucial. To help regulate your employees’ ability to know how to deal with these threats, regular end-user training is vital. Teach your team what to look out for, and you can make them another line of defense for your business.

The best way to protect your business from email-borne threats is to put various levels of security in place. Technical Framework, a Fort Collins and Greeley IT services and IT Support company, offers not only email security services but also staff training.

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