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Office 365 Recovery and Retention Summary – Litigation hold

This installment of Office 365 Recovery and Retention focuses on Litigation Hold.

According to Microsoft, “Litigation hold, also known as legal hold, allows organizations to preserve electronically stored information. When a user’s mailbox is put on litigation hold, the user can delete items from their mailbox but the items are retained on the servers in the Microsoft Exchange datacenter. Litigation hold retains e-mail messages, calendar items, tasks, and other mailbox items. Litigation hold also protects the original version of each mailbox item from modification by the user. If a user changes the properties of items in a mailbox on litigation hold, a copy of the item before it was changed is retained.” Read More…
To enable litigation hold on a particular mailbox:

Go to Exchange Admin Panel https://outlook.office365.com/ecp > Recipients > Mailboxes > Select Mailbox > Edit > Mailbox Features > Click on Enable under ‘Archiving’


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