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Technical Framework provides managed IT Support and Security services for Fort Collins, Colorado organizations.

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    Fort Collins Managed IT Services and Support

    Technical Services and Support for Fort Collins, Colorado.

    Founded and headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, Technical Framework has served the IT needs of small and mid-size companies locally and nationwide since 2010. Our clients understand that investing in our proactive managed IT services is a wise investment in their company for the following reasons.

    1) We’re aware that you need to focus on your business and not IT. Our program places your systems on “auto-pilot.” You can expect a tailored schedule of activities, reports, and planning sessions while your team enjoys uptime, excellent work experience, and reliable customer service.

    2) Procurement of hardware, software, and services in the IT realm is challenging. We lend our expertise in helping you vet and select the proper solutions that meet your budgetary and technical requirements. We also track your hardware and software inventory for you after your purchase so you can take another daunting IT task off your plate.

    3) Our proactive managed services, based on early detection systems that prevent technology issues before they become significant hindrances, help our clients improve their services’ reliability due to enhanced IT systems performance and greater operational readiness.

    Fort Collins Managed IT Services

    Technical provides IT outsourcing, server monitoring and management, data center services, cybersecurity services, helpdesk, onsite support, backup and recovery, and disaster planning. We support Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Veterinary, Real Estate, Accounting, Real Estate, and Dental.

    To assess whether we can help your organization, ask yourself the following questions concerning your current IT provider:

    1) Do they respond to emergencies in one hour or sooner?

    2) Are they easy to reach and responsive when you need them for non-emergencies, such as trouble tickets and Q&A?

    3) Do they offer 24×7 proactive maintenance with monthly reporting to keep you informed as to the health of your systems?

    4) Do they conduct regularly scheduled meetings with you to listen to pain points and keep you advised as to new technologies that can help your business?

    5) Do they explain their activities in plain English as opposed to technical jargon?

    6) Do you have visual evidence of your data backups are working? This step entails restoring data from backups occasionally to ensure the integrity of backups archives. All too often, data restoration is taken for granted, only to find that it fails in a time of need.

    7) Have you had an IT risk assessment lately? If not, how do you know your employees aren’t storing banking information on their computers?

    If the answer to these questions is “no,” you receive less than you deserve as a paying client. If you are not receiving the basics in service, your IT provider may be leaving large holes in your system only to uncover when it’s too late. Remember that preventing IT disasters saves not just money, but perhaps the life of your business.

    Information technology is a complex area, and therefore it isn’t easy to know where to start. We can help. The first step is an assessment of what you have and what you need to protect. Once you have that information in hand, you can proceed at a pace that meets your budget.

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