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Less Is Better in Web Design: Think White!

One of the most important elements in Web design is the use of white space. Modern design is minimalistic and features more white space than design in the past. This design change emphasizes the actual content of the website. Does your website make good use of white space?

The amount of white space on any given page of your website can make a big difference to the user experience. Let’s take a look at the impact that white space can have on your brand’s website.

Improved Readability

More white space, and less clutter, makes content easier to read. With intelligent spacing between paragraphs and page margins, reader comprehension can be increased by over 20 percent, according to Smashing Magazine.

You need white space to break up text, images, and links so they don’t blend together. Readers can be overwhelmed when they don’t know where to start on your page. Good design should naturally guide the reader through your content.

White space is more useful than ever now that mobile devices account for the majority of Web traffic. Websites that are too cluttered make it difficult for users to click on links with their fingers. A modern design that uses white space effectively is much easier to navigate on smartphones and tablets.

Emphasized Content

What’s the point of creating high quality content if no one sees it? It’s much easier for your content to stand out when it doesn’t have to compete for attention.

As much as Web users appreciate beautiful design, they appreciate functional design even more. That means allowing them to find what they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

Emphasizing content is especially beneficial for you if you’re selling products or services online. You want to allow potential customers to make a purchase with the least amount of confusion possible.

Sophisticated Branding

The quality of your design reflects the quality of your brand. When your website features a modern design, you get an instant boost in credibility with your readers. Proper use of white space presents an image of sophistication, whether the style is casual or classy. It shows that the details matter to you.

Use of white space makes your website look clean, organized, and inviting. It’s clear to the reader that everything has a purpose and you planned your site carefully.

Even if you handle the design yourself, the reader will assume you hired a professional designer to create your website. You can find premium themes that feature minimalistic design and require little technical knowledge to install.

Take a look at the websites for your favorite brands and pay attention to how they use white space in their design. You’ll notice that all high-end luxury brands feature minimalistic design. Another thing you’ll notice is that some companies look much more professional than they actually are, because they use great design on the website. How does your website compare?

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