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Laptop Anti-theft Takes a Leap Forward

Our laptops are among the most precious devices in our lives and can play a huge part in our daily activities in both business and leisure. Possessing a powerful and portable machine that can offer instant access to the internet, documents, and other projects in a matter of seconds is a truly wonderful thing. Unfortunately, taking them out and about can put you in a vulnerable position, which is why anti-theft should be a priority for all.

Protecting your laptop will keep your private files safe, prevent a potential financial nightmare, and provide peace of mind. If you’re serious about enjoying those benefits, Prey Project is the ultimate solution.

Anti-Theft Features Of The Future

Let’s face it; you can’t keep your laptop handcuffed to your arm. Given that your device is both portable and worth hundreds of dollars, thieves will see it as an easy target. With Prey anti-theft, you are prepared for all situations. That’s thanks to these features.

Instant notification: As soon as your laptop leaves your vicinity, you will receive a notification to your smartphone. This lets you track down the laptop instantly.

Tracking: Even if you don’t recover the device immediately, the geolocation tracking will let you monitor the movements of your device.

Alarm: Even if the laptop is on silent, the super loud alarm will ring. This will alert nearby people as well as yourself, forcing the thief to give it up.

Screenshots and photos: The laptop will silently take photos of the thief and screenshots of what they are doing on the laptop. This information is sent to your account management panel.

System monitor: The laptop will also track and send details such as internet connections and locations, which can be used by the police.

So, whether it’s stopping the theft itself or recovering the device following a snatch and grab, Prey will give you that extra sense of security and protection.

Prevent Damage

While the thought of having to replace the laptop itself is bad enough, the prospect of having someone gain access to passwords, business documents, family photos, and bank account information is far scarier. With Prey, this no longer has to be an issue.

Users can lock their laptop remotely, stopping access in an instant. Alternatively, you can provide a system clean up, wiping all data from the laptop. You’ll still want to get your laptop back using some of the features above, but removing those initial fears is still a huge step in the right direction. And it’s something which can be appreciated by all laptop owners.

It’s Not Just Anti-Theft

Aside from preventing theft, Prey software can work wonders when you’ve misplaced your laptop. If you’ve left it somewhere around the home, activating the alarm will soon let you track down the product, saving you the mess and stress of turning the house upside down. Meanwhile, the ability to send a message to be displayed on the screen can be very useful when you’re laptop has been found by coffee shop staff or a fellow passenger.

The Prey software can be used on other electronic devices including smartphones and tablet. Better still, you can manage all items from one account.

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