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Fort Collins Managed IT Services and Support

Technical Services and Support for Fort Collins, Colorado.

Managed IT Services
Technical Framework started and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We proudly serve diverse verticals across Northern Colorado, Denver, Chicago, and New York City in the areas of network design & security, ransomware protection, server & desktop computer support, and disaster recovery.

Our flexible service model allows for fully outsourced services or fractional, co-managed services based on your needs and in-house expertise.

Today’s cyber threat landscape requires deep expertise in intrusion prevention, anti-malware, disaster recovery, and network administration. While in-house IT support is of strategic value in day-to-day helpdesk and problem resolution, an outside perspective is vital in advancing your organization’s IT protection and productivity.

Our service complements your existing staff by replacing headaches, not humans. We work hand-in-hand with in-house teams in providing variable fractional services that fit your needs and budget.

IT Support
Our service desk serves as a single point of contact for all requests, including billing, sales, and service. Our service coordinator will triage your request to the appropriate person. We resolve cases ranging from common technical issues to large implementations such as server infrastructure, firewall configuration & maintenance, and application rollout.

Cybersecurity and industry compliance is another area of expertise we bring to the table. We handle HIPAA, PCI, and ITAR compliance, via a well-rounded skill set and the IT industry’s most capable software tools for each compliance area.

Why use multiple information technology services when one takes care of all your needs? We’ll serve as a liaison between you and other technology vendors to support any proprietary, industry-specific tools and applications. Furthermore, you can count on us to clearly explain the reasoning behind our actions and strategies with solid consultation and proactive, regularly scheduled IT reviews with your team.

Fort Collins’ Trusted IT Resource
Preventing today’s cyber threats requires a blend of continuously updated automation and deep human intelligence in efforts to prioritize, evaluate, and mitigate IT system vulnerabilities. That’s precisely why we have existed and serviced organizations in Fort Collins since 2010.

We differentiate ourselves by aligning technology with your business, not by merely providing technical support. We do this by adding layers of IT strategy to the foundation of data confidentiality, availability, and integrity. Examples include regulatory compliance, proactive vulnerability mitigation, and review & resolution of productivity pain points.

Our passion is to help the Fort Collins and surrounding area business community thrive by building and maintaining secure IT systems for companies and non-profits.

We handle information technology so you can run your business successfully. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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