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How to recover from Penguin 3.0

Most people like penguins but far less like Penguin 3.0. That is because while one is an adorable animal from the Antarctic the other is the update to the Google Search Algorithm that caused a huge array of issues for many. As the best Fort Collins web design and development firm, the team here at Technical Framework have been working hard to help our clients recover from the impact of Penguin 3.0..

After Penguin 3.0 many will have noticed a massive manual penalty occurring including the total absence of any BRANDED terms in the SERPS. Not only were the highly lucrative terms long gone but even the branded and extremely long-tail terms were gone as well. It has taken a long time and a lot of work to have the manual action removed but in many cases the traffic for the site will still not have returned to pre-Penguin levels. So what can be done?

The first step is a total audit of all links, then following this there needs to be a the removal of performed links, then the upload of a disavow file. It is critical that all patterns and footprints are identified, after this there needs to be a manual inspection of all links so a link profile can be gathered. Look for patterns in these key locales:
• Backlink Patterns Analysis
• Date Discovered
• URL Patterns
• IP Patterns
• NameServer Patterns
• Whois patterns
• Anchor Text Patterns and Analysis
• Keyword Classification
• Link Detox Risk Analysis
• Sitewide Links Analysis
• Paid Links Analysis
• Redirect Analysis
• Link Growth Analysis
• Link Network Analysis
• Country Ratio Analysis
• Deep Link Ratio Analysis
• Link Status Ratio Analysis

Then you need to use tools to look for patterns that you are not able to see manually. These tools will provide a better overview of the situation.
• Webmaster Tools
• LinkResearchTools
• MajesticSEO
• Ahrefs
• Bing WebmasterTools
• Moz
• Scrapebox
• ScreamingFrog

Then you need to use pattern analysis and scraped sites to find all the linking domains you can so you can use them in your audit.
Once you know all of the bad links you can contact the websites to have them removed. You will need to use a variety of sources like WHOIS, social media and contact info on the site to contact them.

You will need to have many URLs in the disavow file including:
• 404 links
• Nofollowed links
• Pages no longer indexed in Google
• All toxic domains
This will help you to remove your manual penalty!
If you need any extra help with this then please do not hesitate to contact the team here at Technical Framework. As the top Fort Collins web design and development firm we are here to help and have the skills and ability to ensure that your site is ranking where you want it to be.

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