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How Amazon Key Works

Business owners and individuals from around the country will have heard about a new concept from the world’s biggest online seller called Amazon Key. However, few people understand the ins and outs of the concept, and so this short article should help to set the record straight. Everyone knows how cases of doorstep theft are on the rise, and Amazon hopes to put an end to that with their unique and innovative approach. When you use Amazon Key; you protect your delivery and ensure it remains secure until you arrive home from work. Want to know more? Then let’s get down to business!

What is Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is a new and a high-tech package delivery system that enables delivery drivers to gain access to your home or business and drop-off packages rather than leave them outside on the doorstep. Some people seem less than enthusiastic about the idea of letting a stranger enter their property to make deliveries. However, if you can get around that issue, Amazon Key is the ideal solution for ensuring you get your packages in perfect condition every single time.

Who can use Amazon Key?

Anyone with an Amazon Prime account can set up Amazon Key so long as they live in areas where the system is operational. At the moment, the scheme doesn’t run in every US state, and so it’s sensible to check with the company before you make any investments. Amazon has a tool on their website where you can enter your zip code to see if you are eligible.

How do I set up Amazon Key?

Before you do anything else, people who want to make use of Amazon Key will have to purchase and install the Amazon Cloud Cam home security camera near their front door. It’s also imperative that you have a smart lock for the door that syncs with the rest of the smart home system. You then need to purchase the Amazon Key home kit which is available for $250 right now. Install that, and then follow the instructions from Amazon.

How does Amazon Key work?

As mentioned in the last paragraph; you’ll have to install your Cloud Cam facing your front door and within twenty-five meters of your smart lock. You then search for the Amazon Key app on your smartphone’s app store and download the software. Follow the instructions to set the app up, and then you’re ready to get started.

The next time you have a delivery, the app will let you watch the driver approach your front door using the Cloud Cam. If the driver knocks your door and doesn’t get an answer, they will then send a request and ask if they can unlock your door with their handheld device. If you agree, the system opens the door, the driver makes the delivery, and then he or she leaves. Your door goes back to being secure, and your products are safe until you arrive home.

Now you understand everything there is to know about Amazon Key, perhaps you will consider trying it out for yourself during the next few months? You have little to lose, and you’ll never have to stress about lost deliveries again.

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