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Homeland Security Moves to the Cloud

Large businesses have long known the advantages of cloud computing technology. Not only are cloud platforms often much more cost-effective than in-house IT operations, but they provide the organization with expertise it would otherwise not have. Moving services to the cloud provides a boost to reliability, performance, stability and of course cost savings in many cases.

In the past couple of years, small- and medium-size businesses have begun to realize the advantages of using the cloud as well. For these organizations, the benefits are often more pronounced, given the limited internal resources available. Technical Framework, a Fort Collins Cloud Consulting provider is eager  to help businesses of all sizes realize these benefits.

We’ve also seen several government agencies move portions of their services to the cloud. In March, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security gave Congress an overview of its plans to utilize cloud technologies.

Here’s a quick look at some of the types of new technologies DHS is implementing and will continue to implement:

  • Data center consolidation. 18 of DHS’s 42 data centers have already been consolidated. The goal is to consolidate all of the data centers into just two.
  • SaaS and Paas. Part of the consolidation effort will be supported through establishing internal private cloud services, as well as implementing both platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-A-service (SaaS) solutions. SaaS and PaaS will provide DHS with scalability and agility that it couldn’t provide on its own.
  • Cloud email services. One significant component of Homeland Security’s move to the cloud is email. Cloud-based email solutions will cost DHS around $7 per email box. Currently, some DHS departments and agencies spent close to $25 per email box!

This represents a major transition of one of the country’s most critical departments.

What this move means for your organization

Homeland security spends about $6 billion every year on information technology, making up about 15% of the department’s budget. In part, this move is reflective of the fact that cloud services have made significant leaps in the past several years in the areas of security and reliability. There are services and platforms that are better handled by the cloud, even in an organization of the scope, size and budget of DHS.

If your organization isn’t already taking a hard look at cloud services, it’s time to do so. No longer simply a cutting edge technology, cloud services are quickly becoming the industry standard in IT operations. Technical Framework, a Fort Collins Cloud Consulting firm, can help get your organization on the right path.

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