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Getting the Most Out of Mobile Security

Smartphones fulfill many roles – notepad, camera, mobile encyclopedia, carrier pigeon, and more. With so much personal, private data stored in one small device, both casual and professional mobile users need to believe that nothing can breach our security and compromise that important information.

Phones aren’t immune to hacking. Even with the latest model running the most recent update, there’s a chance that our information sits there, completely unprotected. In 2018, hackers gained access to almost half a billion personal records containing sensitive information. Even one data breach is too many when it comes to undefended information being leaked or deleted.

In order to safeguard our mobile security, something has to stand up against those threats, keeping the precious data out of harm’s way. Samsung Knox Security is the ultimate authority in cybersecurity and provides users with protection from cyber threats with a world of customization.

Built-In Cybersecurity with Samsung Knox

Governments of numerous countries – the United States, Finland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and more – rely on Samsung Knox to keep information secure. Samsung Knox Security is built into all Samsung phones automatically, providing users with the option to keep sensitive information as safe as the US Department of Defense’s data.

Thanks to the automatic installation, Samsung Knox is ready to protect any device right out of the box. Data is encrypted from the very beginning with Samsung Knox – and if the device goes missing, nobody else has the ability to see the information that’s stored on it.

Samsung Knox Security employs a host of features that give users full control over personal information and how and when it is used. The life cycle of devices will never be the same after seeing what programs like Knox Configure and Knox Manage can do.

Knox Configure makes devices both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With our configurator, users can create an animated splash screen with a company’s logo and information on it, along with apps that are personalized to businesses. Additionally, users can create a whitelist and blacklist of device features and apps to keep everything on track, making the most of the workday. It’s all about the individual – so our users can customize devices as they see fit with the numerous perks we offer, all without needing to be near the device.

Knox Manage allows IT administrators to have incredible control over devices near and far – that means, if a problem arises after-hours, the IT administrator can go in and fix the issue without needing to physically hold the device. Aside from its remote device support, the Knox Manage boasts the grand ability to support Samsung devices on Android, as well as those running Apple and Windows. No matter the device, our users will be covered.

Leading Smartphone Security

Samsung Knox Security is the leader when it comes to protective and effective cybersecurity. In this day, it’s more important than ever to ensure smartphone security, and we’re here to help from the beginning of the device’s life. With Samsung Knox Security at disposal, users don’t have to worry about actively safeguarding personal information anymore – we can do that instead.

Tap into your smartphone’s full potential with Samsung Knox Security.

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