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Fort Collins IT Company Adds Endpoint Detection and Response

Technical Framework Adds Endpoint Detection and Response to Their Service Offerings

Colorado-based IT managed service and cybersecurity provider, Technical Framework, is excited to announce they’ve added Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to their available services. 

“For most organizations, EDR is not an option but a necessity,” company CEO, Al Harris explained. “It’s a last line of defense that relies on automation, telemetry, and signatures to block malicious processes and actions that have penetrated perimeter defenses.”

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a cybersecurity approach that effectively detects, investigates, and responds to threats that target your company’s endpoints. Devices like remote desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and even operational technology can fall under the radar of legacy network cybersecurity systems. As a result, they’re a natural target for cybercriminals. EDR solutions address these concerns by providing real-time threat intelligence, automated incident response, and forensic investigation capabilities to recognize viable threats in real-time and stop criminal activity before your network suffers from damage. 

EDR works by monitoring the activity on endpoint devices and sending alerts to designated IT personnel when unusual activity occurs. Automated incident response takes security one step further by automatically initiating responses such as isolating the affected endpoint, blocking malicious traffic, and alerting security teams.

“As remote and hybrid work schedules become more common, endpoint vulnerability is a growing concern across all industries,” Harris pointed out. “A single unsecured home network can be an entryway into a secure department or an entire corporation.” 

When attackers gain access to an unsecured home network, they can lurk quietly in the system until they find an entry into the corporate network. All too often, such an attack goes unnoticed until the attacker reaches their goal. By the time the company receives a ransomware demand or becomes aware of a data breach, it’s too late to protect the network and sensitive company data stored within the system. EDR is the tool that detects these attacks immediately upon device infiltration and allows organizations to halt malicious activity instantly.

EDR from Technical Framework is a flexible and robust system designed to secure every endpoint, no matter where they’re located. It provides complete visibility into the activity that takes place on your company’s endpoint devices and accelerates your response to all emerging threats targeting your organization. Customized automated responses take protection even further by allowing you to remediate threats with a single click. 

While EDR services are common among cybersecurity providers, Technical Framework adds another layer of security for their clients by providing EDR as a managed service. As a managed detection and response (MDR) package, EDR from Technical Framework offers companies the added protection of services backed by a 24/7 remote security operations center. This is a critical distinction for small to medium businesses without an on-prem cybersecurity team. 

Technical Framework is a managed IT services firm dedicated to helping companies succeed by leveraging technology. The company provides information technology services to small and medium-sized businesses in Northern Colorado and across the country.

Established in 2010, Technical Framework, LLC, has grown to become Northern Colorado’s most trusted name in IT and Cybersecurity services for small and midsized organizations. Today, hiring and retaining all the expertise you require for the increasingly complex realm of IT and cybersecurity is difficult. Technical Framework recruits and trains seasoned technicians and engineers ready to serve your needs within a plan tailored to your budget, Our involvement with dozens of clients and thousands of devices across a broad array of verticals allows us to give companies a rich knowledge base to ensure their IT issues are quickly recognized and addresses with minimal analysis.

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