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Al Harris is an IT and cybersecurity consultant based in Fort Collins, Colorado. For over 20 years, he has designed, implemented, and supported robust IT and cyber defense systems for small and mid-size organizations, working collaboratively with corporate IT managers, executives, and boards of directors. He is proficient in ethical hacking as well as penetration testing, allowing him the utmost knowledge of cybersecurity and the ability to pass that security on to businesses in need. Al excels in breaking down technical concepts into business terminology to bridge the communication gap between humans and technology.

Harris holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. He has proven his skills as a consultant, liaison, and administrator time and time again in numerous roles ranging from helpdesk to strategic planning in the IT and cybersecurity space. For the last ten years, Al has worked for Technical Framework, leveraging his technical background to manage diverse teams and to speak at seminars to business groups on how to protect data from hackers.

Al’s current role as a cybersecurity consultant allows him to serve the people who need him and his vast cybersecurity expertise most, namely small and mid-size businesses in the state of Colorado. His aim is to help those businesses who don’t currently have a full-time, in-house cyber specialist to guide them on the path to effective cybersecurity.

With regard to technical platforms, Al’s experience encompasses the Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and Windows ecosystems, in addition to on-premise and cloud networking infrasructures.


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