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8 Reasons Your Business Should Move To The Cloud

The business world around us evolves at a dramatic rate. Not that long ago, everything was paper-based and filing cabinets were the norm. Now we have computers and backup drives for that. What if we told you, that even the trusty computer is now outdated? It’s time to move to the cloud.

So what is the cloud? The cloud is like having all your computing and files in one place, the internet, and being able to access them, anywhere you are. It’s actually one of the most liberating moves, freeing you from the office chair, and opening you up to the world.

The Technical Framework Fort Collins IT Support and Consulting team have come up with eight ways the cloud can help benefit your business.


  1. Emergencies

Ever asked yourself what you’d do if you suddenly lost all your business computers? It could happen. The cloud allows you to store, access and run all your documents, processes and even business management software, from anywhere in the world. This means faster recoveries after a disaster.

  1. Power

A computer or laptop can only process so much information before it begins to slow down, run out of memory, or run out of space. The cloud’s flexibility means it scales with your demand, and you can access it all from even the most lightweight devices.

  1. Collaboration

Working from home, working interstate, global contractors – these are how modern day companies operate. Every document or process syncs across the access points for all the people involved, and multiple contributors can all work on the same document at once.

  1. Beaches

Being cloud-based means you no longer need to sit in your office all day. You can work from cafes, malls, even on the beach – just as long as you have internet access.

  1. Control

Working from the cloud means everyone immediately uses the most up-to-date versions of whatever document or process you require to run your business. This alleviates the tedious process of emailing the same file back and forth via email.

  1. Security

If you lose your laptop or backup drive, you could be in trouble. Working from the cloud means that even if you lost all of your devices, everything you need is still accessible online, and prevents data from falling into unwanted hands.

  1. Growth

The sheer reduction in cost of going to the cloud provides your business with a plethora of enterprise-grade technology. This saves you time, money and allows you to scale faster than your slow-moving competitors.

  1. Environment

Want to make a positive impact on the environment? Moving to the cloud means you’re decreasing your carbon footprint immediately. You’re also eliminating your contribution to hardware landfill.

Going from legacy to the cloud can seem daunting, but the move is completely worth it. Here at Technical Framework, our Fort Collins IT Support team know how to make the transition as smooth as possible. Think of it like moving from the filing cabinet to a computer – you’ll wonder how your business ever operated without it.

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