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8 features of Windows Server 2012 that make life better

As the leading Fort Collins IT Consulting firm we often get asked about Windows Server 2012. We have been impressed by this operating system, though for many in the business Server 2008 R2 is still everything they need. However, as with anything, upgrading is inevitable at some point and we think that Windows Server 2012 has a number of great features that make the upgrade a good choice, which is why we recommend it when we offer Fort Collins & Greeley IT support.


With PowerShell 3.0 the Windows Server 2012 allows you to manage every aspect of the OS, including SQL, Lync or Exchange, through the PowerShell console. It is a seamless integration, with the GUIs as buttons that have the PowerShell scripts below.


With their 2012 OS, Microsoft seems to have finally got Direct Access right. It is now much simpler to use and has SSL as its default configuration, with IPSec as an available choice. Finally Direct Access is a viable choice for VPNs.


IIS 8 delivers a script pre-compilation, SNI support, granular process throttling as well as centralized certificate management. They have also finally got an FTP server that is up to standard, meaning that the IIS 8 alone makes this a worthy upgrade.

Cluster Shared Volumes

Server 2012 now supports Cluster Shared Volumes that are able to roll a highly available multi-node replicated storage cluster and can do so with all the necessary best practices.


The new Server also supports deduplication on NTFS volumes, allowing you to meet your storage demand with greater ease. It is something we have been promoting in our Fort Collins & Greeley IT support and something that our customers are pleased with.


Microsoft first made an iSCSI target available for Server 2008 but now they have finally integrated it as a central feature of 2012, rather than as a download from their website.

NFS 4.1

Microsoft’s NFS 4.1 server really is great code, they have totally rebuilt it to ensure that it is both quick and stable, making it the best storage system for diverse environments. We have been impressed with NFS 4.1 from day one and you will be too.

SMB 3.0

SMB 3.0 is the crowning glory of 2012, making up for the disaster that was CIFS. It is able to support numerous simultaneous network interfaces and has the ability to hot plug any new interface when needed.

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