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5G Cellular Will Be Spectacular

5G is on its way, but what does this mean and how will it improve things? We’ve lived with 4G on our cell phones for the last few years, and you can clearly see a dramatic improvement in performance when compared to 3G cellular networks. So, will 5G bring about more of the same?

What to expect from 5G

5G is now the fifth generation of cellular data connectivity. When you look back through the ages, you see that each new generation brings something new to the table…

  • 2G: This was when we finally moved from cell phones that only processed voice messages to ones that could send and receive text messaging too
  • 3G: When the third generation came along, we added cellular data into the mix. At last, cell phones could access the internet!
  • 4G: The most recent generational upgrade came with 4G that boosted everything in 3G and made connections much faster and more secure.

So, what can we expect from 5G when it eventually drops? The earliest reports from tests show that 5G will be a lot faster than 4G connections. In fact, it’s said to be extremely fast – rivaling most people’s broadband connections in their homes. Some believe there’s the potential for download rates of 10Gbps – ten gigabytes per second. In theory, that means you could download a full-HD movie on your mobile device in a second.

Along with this, we will get much lower latency compared to existing 4G connections. This basically means that data can be stored a lot quicker, and retrieved much quicker too. In essence, the connection will be a lot smoother with fewer delays.

Where will we see 5G?

Due to the rapid speeds and low latency, 5G cellular connections have many potential uses in the real world. It’s already thought that 5G would be perfect in public areas to give people free wifi coverage. Along with this, it could represent an alternative to traditional broadband in homes and offices.

When will we see 5G devices?

This depends on the different mobile carriers using this technology. The likes of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all keen to get things rocking and rolling as quickly as can be. We should see 5G signals in select areas somewhere in 2018 as these companies text signals and try to perfect things. Initially, it was thought we won’t see widespread 5G until 2020. This is probably the best date to think about, though it may be a little sooner.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident that 5G will bring a lot of advantages to modern life. Particularly in an age where everything and everyone is connected, so having faster and more reliable wireless speeds is essential. The only issue is that it feels as though some areas and cell phone carriers are still struggling to put up a good 4G signal! However, there’s no denying that 4G was an improvement on 3G, and likewise compared to 2G. If history is anything to go by, then 5G is set to be a massive development that could change a lot of things about the tech world.

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