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4 Things to Remember About Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster can strike your business in a variety of ways. Taking numerous steps to limit the impact of these threats is essential in today’s workplace. Creating a disaster recovery plan with a managed IT service provider is a great way to prepare for various situations. IT professionals will look at ways to limit the impact of a disaster while also giving you additional resources to protect your business.

Here are a few of the top things every company needs to remember about a disaster recovery plan.

1) Perform a Risk Assessment

One of the initial steps in preparing for a disaster is to perform a risk assessment. An IT service provider can conduct these risk assessments to identify which business areas are most at risk. For example, is your office prone to experiencing power outages, or is it located in an area prone to hurricanes? A comprehensive risk assessment will consider all of these factors and how they will impact your business. A managed service provider will also continue to look at ways to strengthen any weaknesses of your company.

2) Keep a Detailed Inventory

Not keeping a record of your hardware and software systems is a significant mistake. Creating a detailed inventory will make it much easier to prepare your business for a disaster. An accurate inventory list is also beneficial in helping you quickly replace any damaged items during a disaster. An IT service provider can keep this inventory list up to date while making data backups for all of your critical information.

3) Build an Incident Response Team

Educating your employees on how to respond to an incident quickly is key to limiting damages. Creating an incident response team makes it easier to stay organized and avoid common mistakes. An incident response team can handle various tasks, whether restoring business operations, relocating your company, or any other duties. Designating specific roles for your staff members can help to limit downtime and prevent data loss.

4) Continue to Modify Your Plan

Staying complacent is a major mistake that can lead to disastrous results for your business. An IT service provider will look at ways to continue to modify your disaster recovery plan to ensure it remains up to date. Keeping your plan updated is especially important in staying proactive against cyber threats. Cybercriminals constantly find new ways to target businesses, whether by ransomware schemes, phishing attacks, or social engineering scams. A managed service provider can help limit the success of these attacks while also mitigating these damages.

Closing Thoughts

Disaster can strike your business in countless ways, but a managed IT service provider can help prepare your company for these situations by creating a disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan is vital for all types of businesses. Working with an IT service provider is critical in preparing your company for various scenarios. Essential requirements are to conduct a risk assessment, keep a detailed inventory, create an incident response team, and keep your plan up to date.

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