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4 Reasons to Use Managed IT Services for Network Security

Keeping your network safe against cyber threats is a full-time job for businesses. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the additional resources for an in-house IT team to focus on cyber security. Working with an IT service provider is a great way to overcome these challenges by giving your network much-needed protection against these evolving threats. These IT professionals will monitor your network around the clock, and you can reach out to them at any time if you ever have any questions.

Here are a few of the main reasons you need a managed IT service provider to keep your network secure.

1) Limit Data Breaches

Cybercriminals are constantly finding better ways to target confidential data. Gaining access to this information and selling it on the dark web is highly profitable for many criminals. Focusing on improving network security is key to limiting the chance of a data breach. A managed IT service provider will use various tools and strategies to limit data breaches, such as network segmentation, intrusion prevention systems, access control, and firewalls.

2) Protect Trade Secrets

Another reason to focus on network security is to protect trade secrets for your business. Many industries are highly competitive, as a data breach exposing your trade secrets can lead to devastating results. These breaches can also contain confidential information, such as financial projections, upcoming acquisitions, or funding sources. A managed service provider will take a more proactive approach to network security to keep your trade secrets confidential.

3) Avoid Costly Fines

Dealing with a cybersecurity incident involving your network is often costly. Many industries must follow strict data security laws, as failure to meet these standards can result in severe penalties and expensive lawsuits. Failure to follow the proper security protocols can lead to costly fines for your business. Taking a proactive approach toward network security with a managed service provider is well worth the costs of protecting your business from such a dire situation.

4) Safeguard Reputation

A poor reputation in your industry can put you at a significant disadvantage compared to your competitors. A cyber attack can often damage your reputation with your clients and make it much more challenging to regain their trust. Working with an IT service provider to keep your network secure is essential in protecting your reputation. A managed IT service will take a proactive approach to boost network security, and they are never satisfied with the status quo.

Closing Thoughts

Focusing on network security is critical in staying proactive against cybercriminals. These criminals often use various methods to target your network, such as botnets, brute force attempts, port scans, or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Trying to keep your business safe against these evolving threats is nearly impossible on your own. Partnering with managed IT services gives your organization access to the latest tools in the industry to ensure your business is well-prepared for these attacks.

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