Windows 7 and PC Upgrade General Advisory

Microsoft will cease to provide security updates for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. As soon as Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7, any computers with the operating system still installed will no longer receive protection from cyberattacks. Of course, if you use your computers for business, you’ll be an even greater target for hackers.

Extended Support Licensing

Extended Support Licensing will allow Windows 7 computers to receive updates for three additional years. If it is impossible for you to upgrade or replace your Windows 7 computers to Windows 10, you will need to purchase Windows 7 Extended Support Updates (ESU’s), which according to Microsoft, costs $50/pc/yr for Windows 7 Professional edition. This price is subject to change and the licenses are subject to availability. Licensing costs will increase annually. Technical Framework will assess a procurement labor cost to the licensing purchase based on time spent.

Should I replace or upgrade?

If your computer is close to, or more than four years old, we recommend replacing the PC. Note that if upgrading a PC to Windows 7 fails or becomes problematic due to age or hardware health, resulting in replacement of the PC, your cost will include time incurred for the failed upgrade and the replacement labor. When making a Windows 7 upgrade request, please advise as to whether you would like an upgrade attempt on the existing PC or a replacement.  

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