Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are performed to determine if there are any weaknesses within your organization’s IT environment. This includes business processes, improper configurations, security settings, password issues (e.g. transmission of unencrypted passwords and password reuse), and storage of user credentials. Because the goal of penetration testing is to see if unauthorized access to a system through exploitation can be achieved, penetration testing is typically performed by ethical hackers using a manual process. Upon the completion of a penetration test, a report is provided to the organization so it is aware of any risk factors that need to be fixed.

Penetration tests should be repeated on a regular basis for security reasons. It is recommended that penetration tests be performed by third party vendors and not internal staff – this helps maintain an objective view of your organization’s network infrastructure to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Technical Framework provides penetration testing services, including a comprehensive report in writing, for finding and repairing vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT infrastructure. We perform penetration testing only with the express written consent of your organization. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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