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Documentation is the process of recording and leveraging technical knowledge to successfully integrate and implement IT services while providing support to end users. The practice of documentation ranges from establishing and using online help and knowledge-management systems to creating formal documentation frameworks, templates and structures that capture information about an IT system or platform as well as application user guides, knowledge bases, troubleshooting guides, API guides and even organizational password management systems.

Documentation is also part of the overall IT user experience and is a major factor of increased IT growth and organizational productivity. A self-help knowledge base explaining how to use a specific application could reduce the time and money spent answering support calls while increasing user adoption and productivity, for example.

Many different online and internal-use documentation systems exist that enable IT staff to develop and deliver timely information about constantly changing applications or APIs and IT infrastructure, inventory and assets. In addition, documentation systems cater to end user needs for information regarding network connectivity such as BYOD, also known as “Bring Your Own Device,” and IT services on-premises and in the cloud.

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The Need for Documentation

Maintaining, updating and using concise and clear IT documentation, both for IT support staff and end users, is critical for organizations that must accelerate the adoption and consumption of IT resources and preserve critical knowledge about an organization’s IT infrastructure and knowledge assets. IT end users need and want complete and accurate documentation when using legacy hardware and software systems or adopting new cloud-based productivity applications that enables them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Accurate and up to date documentation about IT and knowledge assets also helps reduce organizational risk as employees that exit firms with specific information about IT systems or resources do not leave organizations with knowledge gaps that must be re-documented, re-architected or reproduced.

Finally, clear and accurate documentation makes it easier for new employees to consume IT systems and workflows or connect to organizational networks, both on-premises or in the cloud in a self-help fashion. New employees being onboarded with little to no knowledge of an organization’s IT systems and resources also benefit from accurate and up to date documentation that can range from IT compliance policy manuals and security guides to basic application configuration and personal device set up when connecting to an organizational network.

IT support staff managing an in-house or an outsourced help desk may also reduce their support time and costs by setting up knowledge bases and ticketing systems when deploying cloud-based applications, services or workflows.

Technical Framework Documentation Services

Technical Framework offers comprehensive documentation services that include hardware and software inventory documentation, IT configuration and support ticket documentation and change management process documentation. For compliance and audit purposes, Technical Framework provides asset inventory management and documentation services for hardware and software systems, and cloud platforms, all as a managed service.
Technical Framework also implements and maintains schematics and IT solution architecture diagrams to help clients continuously update and manage granular documentation on client

PCs, Servers, Macs, and other devices, as well as cloud services documentation with Technical Framework, managed services contracts.

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