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Feature/Service Technical Framework Competitor Notes
Are you locked into a contract involving a monthly fee for a specified period of time? No Many providers have 6- or 12-month minimum contracts with minimum monthly fees associated with those time periods.
Is there any early termination fee or a requirement for 30-, 60-, 90-day, or longer, notice before contract can be terminated? No If you have to provide advance notice (e.g., 60 days), you are in effect being held hostage to pay extra even after the decision has been made to move to a different provider.
Are you provided with an itemized breakdown each month of what work was performed and by whom, or are you simply presented with a “managed services” line item? TF provides a full accounting of work done and on which days the work was accomplished. Too often providers who promise a whole host of activities each month for a “flat fee” regularly deposit the monthly checks but do not fully carry out all the services they promise will be delivered each month.
How bureaucratic is the provider? Very few layers in TF’s organization chart The more layers above and beyond the techs and engineers doing the work, the more people who have to paid salaries from the amount of money you pay the provider every month. All too often, more layers means more overhead and less service delivery per dollar spent.
How complex and numerous are the monitoring agents and systems touted by the provider? TF’s RMM (remote monitoring and management) suite provides an ideal balance between providing enough information without providing too much. Typical IT service provider customers need very little in the way of charts, graphs, and multiple monitoring tools and agents on their machines. Customers DO need to know their critical business functions are operational and that key network elements are healthy and operational. However, collecting too much information using too many tools results in more overhead and management costs that have to be passed on to the customer without delivering demonstrable benefits to the customer.
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