Want to Keep Your Personal Data Private Online? – Here

You would never give anyone permission to put your personal information on display. So why does your data end up everywhere online?...
AI Chatbots

How AI Chatbots can help your business

AI chatbots are being used by businesses all over the world for the simple reason that they help companies carry out vital tasks, assist...
Voice Search

Voice Search – The future of SEO

In the world of digital marketing, every entrepreneur should appreciate the importance of a strong SEO strategy. Search engines like Google...
Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Updates: Colossus and the Phantom Menac

In the world of SEO, or website ownership in general, it pays to be clued into when Google is doing something new with their search...
Online Security

Keep Your Online Presence Secure

All website owners need to work hard to ensure they keep their online presence as secure as possible. We live in dangerous times, and there...
CPU Vulnerabilities

Apple and AMD Sued Over CPU Vulnerabilities

AMD Advanced Micro Devices and Apple are both being sued after it has been revealed that both have CPU vulnerabilities that leave billions...
Netflix Phishing Scam

Netflix Phishing Scam

There is a new Netflix phishing scam causing alarm at the moment that could result in users handing over their personal details and payment...
Web Design Think White

Less Is Better in Web Design: Think White!

One of the most important elements in Web design is the use of white space. Modern design is minimalistic and features more white space...
Fast Website

Your Business Needs a High Performance Website

Your website's success depends on several factors. One often overlooked factor is the performance of your website. Performance can be...
Online Security

What the WordPress.com HTTPS Rollout for All Sites Means

WordPress has a 60% market share in the Content Management System (CMS) market. Until now, most default connections to WordPress websites...
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